Manufacturing Quality Software for Inspections

Replace your paper forms with easy-to-build, mobile apps that shave hours off inspections and audits.

Replace paper forms...with powerful mobile apps and analytics.

Convert Paper Forms to Mobile Apps


Build apps that document quality data and pinpoint issues faster.

This solution truly digitizes your entire data collection, analysis, and information sharing process to speed data delivery, reporting, and crucial insights.

  • Build without waiting for IT - no need to write code.
  • Enjoy full control over form layout and relevant questions
  • Go beyond text to capture images, audio, bar codes, etc.
  • Ensure all data is accurate, comprehensive, and timely.
  • Benefit from a built-in analytics engine.

Alpha TransForm has a new level of sophistication and superior UI/UX beyond other form builders. Your forms are not just a straight list of fields. You can organize questions in multiple columns, including conditional questions and navigation to other sections. Your mobile forms are intuitive and don't overwhelm users and can even do advanced calculations and validation for them. You can integrate this data with existing quality systems or databases. Then you can move beyond Excel with built-in analytics that can generate custom reports and dashboards

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This intuitive, no-code app builder makes digitizing your quality data collection and analysis a reality. Build one mobile app or many - there are no limits.

Build your own quality apps for inspections, audits and more.

  • Flexible and powerful data collection for your quality processes
  • Insightful data analytics, custom dashboards, and alerts in real-time
  • Workflows to trigger emails, SMS, or reports to initiate further action
  • No coding experience required

Easily digitize data collection and improve your data analysis.


Improve product quality, risk management, and supply chain optimization throughout the product lifecycle. 

Whether your manufacturing quality standards follow the practices of TQM, Six Sigma, or other lean manufacturing methodologies, this user-friendly software can help meet your needs. Quality assurance and quality control teams can build basic apps to do Gemba walks and 5S audits, straight through gathering data to maintain ISO 13485 or ISO 9001 standards.

You don't need to be a software developer because Alpha TransForm is a user friendly, no-code app builder.

Alpha TransForm quality software can help you quickly build data collection apps. Your quality inspection apps or workstation audit apps will measure performance, and spot equipment, supplier, and production issues efficiently. The software can tie into your QMS software, or other software systems to help improve overall document control.

 Alpha TransForm is used by quality teams at global manufacturing companies.

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The Best Quality Software for Manufacturers

Alpha TransForm quality apps streamline data collection on the factory floor. This quality management software can guide new inspectors through existing workflows or train new workers on your plant's procedures and protocols. At the same time, its built-in analysis capabilities power faster, more informed decisions by quality leaders. 

The software works with your existing electronic and even paper-based systems. You can build apps that match or augment your current business processes or quality systems.

Alpha Transform software works with your existing electronic and even paper-based systems. You can build apps that match or augment your current business processes or quality systems.

The software also gives you a complete picture of your data in one location, making it easy to share and evaluate. As a result, wasteful procedures, quality problems, and inefficient machinery can be identified more quickly. Companies can improve quality processes and take corrective action more quickly.

Digitizing Data is a Priority for Manufacturers

Increasing global competition and supply constraints are forcing businesses to digitize their production processes. Automating quality data input can have a significant impact on a QMS's efficacy and accuracy. According to one study, the typical QMS deployment yields a 300 percent return on investment.

Factories can save a lot of time and money by digitizing paper forms and using quality management software. Alpha TransForm is suitable for manufacturers with limited resources who want to digitally transform their company and start leveraging IoT, analytics, AI, and other technologies. 

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More Accurate Factory Data...

Workers collect more accurate, complete data. Data collection is automated and errors are caught while workers are doing inspections.

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  • Save time and reduce errors by ending data entry from paper forms, automatically capturing digital data, and using intelligent forms
  • Record real-time data from IoT devices and other external systems (like temperature and humidity sensors, weather, and more).
  • Provide workers with video and PDF manuals to guide any task or repair based on form submissions.
  • Collect photos, scan barcodes, and record audio to document quality data and equipment issues.
  • Automatically assign forms to workers and escalate forms to managers
  • Work in areas without WiFi or cell signal - apps are fully functional offline and will synchronize when service is restored.

Use Mobile Apps to identify production issues, make adjustments quickly and reduce customer complaints.




Faster Data Insights...

Powerful pre-built reports and custom dashboards provide detailed views of quality data and KPIs with drill-down capability.

  • Get real-time access to data on the factory floor.
  • Trigger SMS messages or emails when certain conditions are met (like a machine goes offline or you need to trigger corrective action).
  • Create custom dashboards,  or automatically generate reports for continuous improvement
  • Quickly view key performance indicators and drill down into your data to confirm trends and spot anomalies
  • Andon screens can show the status of processes, machines, and other metrics all at a glance.
  • Create workflows to automate emails, reports, form assignments and more.