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Alpha Transform Mobile App Examples for Business

Example Apps All Built in 20-30 Minutes

Click for instructions on how to access free sample apps from inside Alpha TransForm.

                 Note - The "visiting nurse" app below has a 2 minute video showing off the capabilities of this app - which took 20 minutes to build

Safety Inspection App

Pre-Built safety app with easily customized components

  • Geolocation, time and date stamp
  • Color-coded categories for fast reference and form launch
  • One tap pass/fail -can initiate SMS alerts or email
  • Offline image capture and annotation
  • Signature capture
  • Multi-Table data structure
  • Fields visible or hidden based on any criteria


Home Inspection App

Pre-Built mobile inspection app with rich, fast data collection

  • Geolocation, time and data stamp
  • Offline image capture and annotation
  • Bar Code Scanning with remote or on-device look-ups (for offline operation)
  • Easy navigation to different sections of the form
  • Custom keyboards for different fields to improve data entry speed and accuracy
  • Signature capture
  • Voice to text for filling in comment fields


Service Dispatch App

Field service app to assign service calls and capture all repair data

  • SMS alerts
  • Geolocation, time and date stamp
  • Stores the day's repair schedule and related customer data on the device for offline use
  • Offline data capture of repair info, with auto-synch when back online
  • Offline image capture and annotation
  • Ability to store large amounts of data on mobile device (repair manuals and other media) for offline use
  • Signature capture


Equipment Inspection App

Inspection app built for a specific equipment model with unique specifications

  • Custom branding
  • Geolocation, time and date stamp
  • Color-coded categories for fast reference and form launch
  • One tap pass/fail definitions
  • Elapsed time data capture through stopwatches and alarms
  • Includes handy reference chart for managing proper torque
  • Offers customized number keypads for fast one-handed entry of measurements


Travel Expense App

Business app offers fast capture of expense and receipt information

  • Geolocation, time and date stamp
  • Capture of images for receipts
  • Perform calculations and data validation
  • Integrates with any back-end system
  • Signature capture


Visiting Nurse App

Medical app allows visiting nurses to log care and capture key patient data and vitals

  • Geolocation, time and date stamp
  • Audio recordings of observations by the Nurse or sounds (coughing, wheezing etc)
  • Customized fields and keyboards for different types of vital data (degrees, time, etc.)
  • Stop watches and alarms for time measurement - used for various measurements
  • Drug information stored on the device
  • Offline data capture of audio and images with annotation
  • Show/Hide fields based on data entered into previous fields
  • Signature capture
  • Bar Code Scanning of medical devices with on-device look-ups (for offline operation)

  Check out this 2 min video showing off capabilities of this app.


Peri-operative Nursing Record App

Critical patient medical record app assembles patient data/surgical status quickly/accurately

  • Clean and simplified UI for fast patient data capture
  • Dropdown menus and buttons with multiple simultaneous choices possible
  • "Notes" field only appears once a "Yes" or "No" answer is selected
  • Responsive, three-column design utilized to keep form compact
  • Date and time stamp
  • Signature capture


Accident/Incident Reporting App

Time-sensitive app collects important incident data, including images, quickly and accurately

  • Geolocation, time and date stamp
  • Offline image capture with annotation
  • Audio recording of people involved in the accident
  • Sophisticated digital reporting and paper data output
  • Voice to text for notes capture
  • Signature capture



Another example - a very rich equipment repair and inspection app - boiler minder

Alpha TransForm allows anyone  to build and deploy enterprise-grade, mobile-data capture apps in minutes. 
TransForm apps integrate with any corporate database, work offline, speed data capture and can handle large media files.