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Improve officer safety and efficiency by moving from paper police reports to mobile apps. 

Today's police officers are under increasing pressure to respond to call faster, collect more information than ever, and increase the accuracy of their reports. This police report app helps officers and police departments improve service to citizens while ensuring more accurate data is collected on the job when officers have the most information and the best recall.

A clean layout simplifies data entry for officers in situations where time is critical. A timer can track time spent completing the form The app includes a Speech-To-Text feature that speeds data capture and increases data accuracy and officer recall.

Automatic formatting of special data like phone numbers and car models further enhances data readability for offices on calls. 

Mobile camera access is integrated into the app so photos can be taken and edited with digital ink so officers can call out critical information and observances.

Police Stop Report App Features

This app for police departments speeds the collection of data for traffic stops, investigation interviews and crime reports:

  • Date and Time Stamps Are Automatic

  • Drop Down Lists Simplify Data Entry

  • GPS Signals pull in location info, including location type and name where applicable.

    Speech-To-Text features make add data fast and accurate

  • Mobile device camera access is integrated into the app -- Photos can be “marked-up” to emphasize areas of the image

  • Signature capture
  • Works across devices and operating systems, including iOS and Android
  • Works in emergency situations when cell signals or WIFI is not available
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