Local Government Apps to Streamline Operations & Improve Service

Speed Data Collection and Improve Real-time Reporting with Mobile Apps
Improve Real-time Data Analysis and Reporting

Alpha Software local government apps enable faster data collection for government information and services. They reduce paper, speed inspections and improve communications between state and local governments and citizens.

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How Municipal & Local Government Apps Streamline Data Collection for Field Workers

Government employees must collect, analyze and share various types of information. Typical forms include inspections, permits, activity schedules, incident reporting, time and attendance, and more. Turning these paper forms into low-code government apps allow for a technology transformation that will:

  • Increase worker efficiency by reducing the hours spent on each daily activity.
  • Improve service to citizens with on-demand mobile experiences that provide better assistance and access to data.
  • Lower risk by stopping data-entry mistakes and delayed access to critical data.

Global investment in government IT projects will reach $476 billion by 2020.

The best mobile apps work offline -- especially in the emergency situations required by government teams. Mobile apps for digital government transformation facilitate better information sharing, reporting, and response. They're optimized for one-handed data entry (i.e., speech-to-text). They also allow government workers or app developers to be more efficient and effective.

Provide Speedy Local and Municipal Government Services

Our government service apps make it easier to offer location based services. GPS capabilities can be used for overseeing, reporting, and tracking happenings and events across the length and breadth of the city. Apps can also be used to dispatch officers or public works employees. Plus you can plan and schedule a wide range of public works construction and repair projects on roads and in public buildings and parks with ease.

You can allocate personnel for different public services in different parts of the city - all at the click of a button. Leverage our mobile government service apps on the go to improve productivity and enable timely responses to critical situations. The Police and fire departments, emergency medical, transportation, municipal courts, and public works can all benefit.


Use Mobile Apps to Facilitate Citizen Engagement & Improved Access to Resources

Alpha Software’s government service apps can perfectly cater to the diverse needs of state governments. Increase citizen engagement across a wide range of domains, whether it is voting, legislature, employment, traffic, safety, or state economy.

Several states have adopted advanced tools and technologies to make valuable information available to citizens at their fingertips. Additionally, they enable them to perform a wide range of government transactions as well as opt for state level services. Have you adopted an app to streamline public processes?

Citizens can pay taxes, register vehicles or renew licenses, all from the comfort of their mobile phones, wherever they may be based. Our apps spell ease, convenience, speed, and comfort!

Build Government Apps in Minutes, Without Limits

Alpha Software helps government teams across the United States. They've built directory, incident reporting, permitting, licensing, inspection and safety apps that capture and deliver critical data anytime, anywhere. The software also allows local governments to build mobile websites, and do all of this very cost effectively.

With Alpha TransForm, you can easily build cross-platform business apps in minutes. These apps can work without a WIFI or cell connection -- critical for emergency use. And they also offer the latest in mobile data capture, including photos, audio, GPS and time date stamping and more. Your apps can also trigger alerts or leverage social networks. 

Alpha TransForm also allows power users to meet more complex workflow, integration or security requirements. 

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Powerful Data Capture Apps for Officials, Inspectors and Administrators

Emergency Response  •  Dispatch  •  Permits and Renewals  •  Registration and Licensing  •  Certifications and Training 
Equipment Inspections    Incident Reports •  Time and Attendance  •  Directories  •
Activity Sign-up and Invoicing    Workplace Wellness  •  Alternative Fuel Station Locators  •  and more,,, 

Includes free government app templates.

Why Customers Choose Alpha TransForm

Users of all skill levels can speed the development and delivery of licensing, inspection and dispatch apps that work offline.

Key Features for Mobile Government Apps

Alpha TransForm has built-in capabilities that streamline government work and help you execute your digital government strategy. Our mobile government service apps ensure that officials, administrators, inspectors and citizens are always productive, informed and in-touch. 

  • Time and date stamping
  • GIS and location tracking abilities
  • Stopwatches and timers
  • Image capture with mark-up
  • Offline storage of large data files (images, audio, manuals, etc.)
  • Cross-platform performance
  • Speech-to-text
  • Audio recording
  • Complex Calculations
  • Embedded business logic
  • Integration with corporate systems of record

Alpha TransForm Government Apps | Alpha Software

Alpha TransForm apps facilitate:

  • Streamlined permitting and licensing
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Fast, accurate emergency and incident reporting
  • Improved citizen communications

Case Study

County Government Improves Service to Citizens with New App

New App Streamlines Work Processes for County Employees to Provide Better Service to Citizens

Emergency Services Speeds Recovery from Natural Disasters 

New App Streamlines Emergency Work Orders Following Storms

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IT Consultant
Australian Emergency Services

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- Jeremy Scrime
Sr. Programmer Analyst
Warren County

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- Steve Power
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