As the severe impact of the global pandemic has and continues to be felt across the length and breadth of the globe since the first half of last year, many businesses have been deeply affected. To top it all, the COVID crisis seems to be far from over as variants of the virus are sprouting quickly. Even as the world scrambles to get back to normal life, the challenging times continue.

Enough economic damage has already been done with the closing of businesses and social distancing norms and lockdowns necessitated by the pandemic. Quite understandably, companies and businesses are realizing they cannot afford to remain closed anymore as bills must be paid and products and services need to be delivered.

However, many employees are wary of resuming work as the virus rages on. Their hesitation to get back to work is valid, but how can it be combated and more importantly, what precautions can an organization take to manage this difficult situation? Or the more pertinent question is: How can businesses continue to sustain operations while caring for their employees? We have the perfect solution: the AlphaMED Employee Wellness or Workplace Wellness app!

What Does the Employee Wellness App Do?

The Workplace Wellness app does three critical things for organizations who want to create a safe workplace or learning environment:

1) It takes the medical history of each individual upfront and then screens people every day to determine who needs to stay at home because they have COVID19 or have been exposed

2) It uses a medically-based rules engine along with company policy and current CDC/WHO guidelines to determine when any individual can safely go back to work or school


3) It provides planning tools to allow management to get a handle on projected available staffing

The AlphaMED Workplace Wellness App  quickly and affordably establishes a medically-approved screening and wellness policy for your workplace or school.

AlphaMED Workplace Wellness, built in Alpha Anywhere and hosted on Alpha Cloud, is the only web and mobile app available that screens for COVID-19 and then guides organizations through the steps needed to get individuals who are ill or are in quarantine back to work/school.

Workplace Wellness App for Employees | Alpha Software

Many screening apps end up alerting employees to a potential COVID risk case. The AlphaMED Workplace Wellness goes beyond other screening apps on the market by identifying potential COVID cases before they reach the workplace, then guiding employees through completion of a quarantine or COVID-19 illness cycle to keep the business healthy.

The AlphaMED Workplace Wellness App screens employees on a daily basis for COVID-19 using the latest assessment criteria employed by the CDC and physicians on the front lines of the outbreak.

Easily and Affordably Implement a Wellness Program for Any Business, Educational and Non-Profit Organization

"We’ve done the hard work so employers now have a simple solution that meets reopening guidelines and ensures a safe workplace."

Warren Wexelman Helps Employees Get Back to Work | Alpha Software

- Warren J. Wexelman, M.D. 
Cardiologist/Internist at NYU Langone Medical Center 
and Author of the AlphaMed COVIDCARE

Affordable Wellness Program for Schools | Alpha Software

Reduce Risk

  • Stop COVID cases before they reach the office
  • Maintain a healthy workforce
  • Provide clear medical guidance based on symptoms

Adopt Safe Policies

  • Utilize rule sets developed by qualified physicians
  • Clearly dictate policies and next steps to employees

Maintain Productivity

  • Streamline employee wellness screening
  • Avoid outbreaks and shutdowns
  • Keep offices open

Ease Administration:

  • Identify concerns rapidly
  • Automate wellness tracking and reporting
  • Meet local reopening guidelines

What criteria should I use to screen employees or students?

Written by a physician team on the front-line of COVID-19 response and employing CDC/WHO guidelines, the AlphaMED Workplace Wellness app is one of the most effective apps for employee wellness. It no doubt conducts daily health checks of employees but it goes much further, offering a complete, end-to-end COVID screening and management tool. It not only assesses the risk factor but also advises on crucial aspects such as, “how many days a patient needs to be quarantined”, “when would it be safe for them to return to work”, and many others.

It tracks symptoms and vital signs, including temperature, and assesses if the employees have been in close enough contact with COVID-19 patients or if they’ve traveled to high-risk areas. The app immediately flags a symptom or risk factor that could represent a danger to the employee or to the workplace. Employees are then advised if they need to quarantine or seek a COVID-19 test.

Workplace Wellness App | Alpha Software

How do I assess at-risk employees?

Employee Wellness App | Alpha Software
Employee Wellness App for COVID-19 Risk | Alpha Software

Workers log in to the app on their smartphone or desktop each morning, answer questions about their current health and COVID risk factors, then receive instant notification if they’re cleared to go into work. If certification fails, the app suggests the next steps, such as contacting a medical professional or working remotely. The intuitive, easy to use questionnaire takes less than a minute to complete and provides extensive wellness reporting and tracking for employers.

When can at-risk employees return to the office?

Through daily input of current symptoms and temperature readings, the AlphaMED Workplace Wellness app guides employees through a quarantine or illness period. Using established criteria, test results and the illness cycle, the app determines when key milestones have been reached and alerts employees when they can safely return to work without being a potential danger to co-workers. The app can identify if an employee is improving or still ill and can suggest when medical help or another test is required. This ensures quarantines are effective and employees receive sound advice from the business during an illness.

Reduce COVID-19 Risk with Workplace Wellness App | Alpha Software

AlphaMED Workplace Wellness provides a simple solution to keep business and schools open safely.

The AlphaMED Workplace Wellness app is deployed on a cloud/mobile platform that is immediately ready to use and requires minimal setup and configuration. While the mobile app employs a standardized questionnaire based on CDC guidelines, specific questions/fields can be added very easily to the application implementation.

Additional workplace reopening solutions are available for scheduling staff and meeting, cafe and conference areas. Contact us for more health and safety apps to help with COVID-19 response and planning.

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**  Important note: AlphaMED COVIDCARE does not provide medical advice but is intended for information purposes only. It is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It is not engaging in the practice of medicine, nor is it in any way meant to eliminate your doctor or other healthcare providers.

Do not ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of the questions or results of the AlphaMED COVIDCARE App. No matter what the results of the App show, if you do not feel well, call your doctor or other health care provider immediately. If you think that you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or dial 911.

Always follow social distancing guidelines put forth by the health care community and governmental authorities. Decisions about entering any facility or engaging in any activity rests with the institutions, individuals, guardians and parents and are made solely at their own risk and should always be made with the guidance of their respective medical providers.

Additional Resource for School Administrators:

The COVID-19 Guidance for Business and Employers from the CDC answers questions such as:

  • What is the role of businesses and employers in responding to COVID-19? 
  • How to maintain healthy business operations and a healthy work environment? 

  • How to implement the most appropriate controls for your workplace?