What is the best mobile app building software?

Mobile app development is the process of creating software applications that run on wireless smartphones, tablets, or wearable devices. App development helps business information and processes digital, allowing corporate data to easily travel on desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. 

Traditionally, app development requires experienced development teams to:

  • gather requirements
  • design app prototypes
  • test the design with users
  • develop the final app, including integration with corporate data systems
  • deployed the app to end-users.


Alpha Software
has an experienced team of friendly app developers that can teach you how to build mobile apps.

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Your company is never too big or too small for Alpha's team of friendly professionals and project managers. We're here to help you meet the app development needs of your business. We'll ensure you have the knowledge and tools you need to develop applications for your business.

Why do I Need Software to Develop an App?

Coding apps for mobile devices is time intensive and difficult. Mobile applications must be secure, adapt to different screen sizes and work on different operating systems. Mobile app development must consider online and offline operation and a range of new features available on mobile devices. As a result, it can take years to master mobile app development.

Unfortunately, there aren't enough experienced mobile developers to code the hundreds of apps businesses need to stay competitive. Finding and hiring mobile app developers or outsourcing app development can be costly and challenging.

The only way most companies can scale app development is by adopting low-code mobile app development. Low code app development saves time by doing a good amount of complex mobile app development for you. It allows people without mobile app experience to build mobile apps.

Companies around the world use Alpha Software low-code software to build cross-platform mobile apps.


We have years of experience developing state of the art enterprise apps and business management software.
We've developed better, faster ways to innovative app development and simplify digital transformation for thousands of customers.

How do I find the Best App Development Software?

The best app development software takes advantage of device capabilities such as cameras, microphones, GPS, digital ink, and bar code scanners. Leading software takes into account different operating systems: iOS, Android and Windows. It produces apps that work without a WiFi or cell signal, and instantly adapt to different size screens.  

Strong app development software can help deliver critical business to data to users on affordable mobile devices or BYOD devices. Apps can speed the collection of data in the field. They can initiate business processes. Some examples include:

  • A rep on a sales call can instantly get the entire purchase history of a customer on his smartphone.

  • An inspector can shave hours off an inspector using a mobile app versus a paper form.

  • An app can alert a service repair rep if a pipeline measurement in the field falls outside of safe parameters. 


Alpha Software
low-code app development software consistently receives 5-star product reviews from users. They praise the software for its ability to quickly build secure apps with the latest mobile features and data integration. The software has also won the InfoWorld Technology of the Year Award for its ability to build offline apps.
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We're focused on producing the most innovative, flexible mobile app development software on the market.
Our app development software, app templates, solutions, training, mentoring, and support simplify app development challenges and speed digital transformation.

InfoWorld Technology of the Year
"Alpha Software Aces Offline Apps"
Technology of the Year Award Winner


How do I Learn App Development?

There's a growing shortage of professional developers. Silicon Angle estimates that there are 660,000 open jobs for software developers, but only 75,000 graduating computer science majors yearly. 40% of companies report suffering from an app development skills gap.

Companies are finding other methods to quickly get these apps developed. Enter the "citizen developer." These are business users outside of IT using app development tools to solve business problems.

Gartner reports that 41% of CIOs already have citizen development projects established that involve low-code or no-code products. Another 20% of CIOs have citizen developer projects in the evaluation or planning phases.

Modern app development software should train both experienced and first-time developers to do mobile app development. Software and training materials should guide both types of users to leverage their knowledge to solve business problems with mobile apps.


You don't have to have coding skills to build apps. Alpha Software offers free mobile app development software and tutorials, videos and other learning materials to help anyone learn app development.

mechanic tablet-1Some jobs are phased out, and people who are laid off frequently need to turn to entirely new fields. It can be a daunting task to retrain yourself for the new economy after years at a previous job. But that’s exactly what Mike Brown, a former maintenance mechanic, accomplished with the help of Alpha Software. Read how Mike Brown did this

Islip NYDuring the COVID-19 pandemic, technology for local governments has become more important than ever. Residents need new methods to interact with their cities/towns remotely, including paying fees, getting public safety help, and more. One town programmer built an astonishing number of apps to serve citizens using Alpha Anywhere. Read more about how Alpha Software helped so many during the pandemic

How Much Time and Money Can App Development Software Save?

One survey shows that organizations that invest in mobile app development get big payoffs. 74% of global organizations that use KPIs to track the success of their mobile apps are getting a positive return ROI. 79% of U.S.-based companies report getting an ROI from use of mobile apps.

As for which industries get the best ROI results from app development, manufacturing, telecom and construction are at the top:

    • Manufacturing 92%ROI Dial-1
    • Telecoms 83 %
    • Construction 83%
    • Retail 76%
    • Distribution and Transportation 75%
    • Business Services 71%
    • Financial Services 69%
    • IT 66%
    • Chemicals and Pharma 56%


Thousands of Satisfied App Developers Love Our App Development Software

Don't take our word for it. Read why developers and business users think Alpha Software is the best tool to create business apps or white label apps.

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Use the Best Mobile App Development Software

Alpha Software offers app development software that is ideal for companies needing to:

  • create cross-platform apps that look great on any mobile device
  • find an app maker that employees without development experience can use.
  • develop iOS apps and Android apps without heavy costs
Alpha Anywhere Community Edition allows developers to create apps for free and deploy to the cloud for as low as $99/month. You can build apps with push notifications, scanning, audio recording, social media and more.

Alpha offers all the tools that you need to build a data-centric web application.


Lee Vasic

Agency Data

Low cost, user friendly, highly flexible, good customer service.

Jason Parberry


It's been a secure platform. The user community is a good asset. I've been able to meet the needs of my clients.

Thomas Brondolo

Brondolo Associates, LLC

It makes doing browser-based programming an ease.

Wayne "Chris" Christianson

I would not call myself a computer programmer in any way and I can still create web applications that are very powerful and useful to our executive team.

John Crozman

Cinjo Holdings

It's a great product! We are developing new systems every day. Once we get a new application up and running in production, we have had no issues with the reliability of the system.

Bill Anderson

Guarantee Bank & Trust

The assistance helped me make the leap to developing in the web environment. I would highly endorse Alpha Software to anyone wanting to fast-track its application.

Ben Miller, CPA

Hawkins Ash CPAs

One place to develop and deploy iOS and Android apps.

Richard King

Very easy to use, setup and change.

Forrest Olson

Olson, Neaves & Company

Does standard stuff without coding. Very flexible program language; great support.

Dietmar Jahnel

University of Salzburg

It makes publish an app relatively easy.

Sean O'Kelly

Government of West Virginia

    How Alpha Anywhere Can Speed Your App Development 

    Alpha Software products have built-in capabilities that make difficult development tasks easier.

    • Built-in capabilities enable apps to run offline, solving one of the most difficult aspects of mobile development.
    • App integration wizards connect apps to data sources and Web services quickly.
    • A data collection app builder can build apps in minutes.

    Our free software and free trials allow you to explore and select the best app development software for your needs.  You can create low-code apps that run like native apps on any device to solve any business process need. App analytics are built-in to provide reporting and dashboards.

    Comparing the Best App Development Software

    Over 150 drag and drop interface tools and low-code software vendors are serving millions of users.  We've put Alpha Software up against the leading app development software in the industry.
    See why Alpha Software mobile app development software comes out on top:

    How A Developer Shortage Is Driving App Development Software Adoption

    The COVID-19 pandemic has sped up digital transformation projects. Businesses require new apps to serve remote employees and customers. They also have an urgent need for mobile app developers. Demand for software developers will be 5 times greater than for any other job.

    Companies with more remote workers than ever must also build solutions that leverage 5G and the new WiFi 6 standard. Companies also hope to gain a competitive advantage from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. And more than ever, the employees using these technologies first engage on their mobile devices.

    To get apps built without hiring more mobile developers, companies are turning to app development software. Forrester predicts that in 2021, 75% of all development shops will adopt low code app development software.