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Companies need to build native mobile apps, but they don't have skilled mobile developers to get the job done. With low-code and no-code software, you don't need coding skills to build business apps. And they work like native apps.

The Alpha TransForm no-code app builder creates iOS and Android apps without coding. Your apps can include the latest mobile application features, including photo capture, audio recording, mapping, digital signatures and push notifications.

Once you've developed your app, you can deploy them quickly to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. These cross-platform mobile apps are easy to update: when you update your app, both iOS and Android versions are updated. The apps run on any mobile phone, regardless of screen size. And the ability to work offline is built in.

Try building apps for free. You can build free android apps, free iPhone apps, free cross-platform apps!

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 Alpha TransForm software is user-friendly, no-code software that lets you create apps without writing a single line of code.
Build multiple apps - no limit on the number of apps you can produce.
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Alpha TransForm no code app builder
This powerful app development software lets you build apps that are secure, scalable, and optimized for any mobile device. You'll improve the speed and accuracy of data collection or field dispatch, with no coding required. 

There are many app creators and mobile app builders, such as appy pie and others. While many app builders create basic apps, Alpha TransForm creates task-based apps that do more. Build apps that can take photos, record audio, leverage intelligent mapping, scan bar codes, compute calculations, work offline, and more. 

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How to Build Apps with the App Maker

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Use Pre-Built Mobile Apps that You Can Customize.

Disaster Relief · Equipment inspection · Field Service Delivery · Field Service Repair · Inventory Management · Legal Compliance · Maintenance and repair · Market & Opinion Research · Oil & Gas Exploration · Order Entry · Patient Monitoring · Quality Control · Retail Data Collection · Safety

App Builder Creates Mobile Apps Mobile App Builder

An Example: A Mobile App for Inspections

Simply determine the data you want to include in an app for equipment inspection:
  • Equipment name
  • Equipment serial number
  • Location of equipment
  • Photo of equipment 
  • Audio recording describing the equipment
  • Is the equipment working?
  • When is the next service date? 
  • Inspector signature...and more.

Build apps without coding

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