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Safety Inspection App with One-Tap Pass/Fail, Location and Time Stamping

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This free safety inspection app speeds critical safety inspections, while allowing inspectors to capture more detailed data easily. Inspectors can automatically capture time, date and location information; capture and annotate images, and speed safety checklists with pass/fail buttons.  The keyboard is optimized for one-handed data entry and speeds the capture of text and all types of mobile data. Inspectors can then sign-off on the form and submit it directly into the company's system(s) of record -- all from their smartphone. 

This pre-built safety inspection app speeds safety inspections and captures critical data quickly and accurately:

  • Geolocation, time and date stamp
  • Color-coded categories for fast reference and form launch
  • One tap pass/fail -can initiate SMS alerts or email
  • Offline image capture and annotation
  • Signature capture
  • Multi-Table data structure
  • Fields visible or hidden based on any criteria

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