Discover the OSHA Safety Audit App

OSHA App Template

Use this OSHA checklist to identify probable hazards and whether they are under control.  

This customizable app is pre-built with over 40 different questionnaires and can easily be set up to identify and manage your specific on-site hazards.

Improve OSHA Safety with A Mobile Inspection App

This mobile app allows any manager to easily assess hazards and concerns that could lead to OSHA complaints or issues. It's one of the many manufacturing apps and construction apps you can sample and test for free.

  • Speed data capture with one-tap pass/fail buttons.
  • Reduce time typing with the use of custom keyboards built for the data type.
  • Capture critical inspection insights quickly and accurately using speech-to-text notes.
  • Accelerate inspection resolution by initiating alerts and triggering workflows from the app.
  • Document onsite inspection issues and capture images with notes.

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