HVAC Inspection App with Data-Lookup, Image Capture and Offline Operation


This free HVAC inspection app improves worker productivity, and aids inspectors in getting intelligent data about the customer and equipment they are inspecting, while speeding the capture of inspection data. The app, designed to work both with or without a cell or WiFi signal, can scan barcodes or lookup serial numbers and instantly retrieve relevant service manuals, repair videos or equipment information. The app also pre-populates data or parameters into the mobile inspection form to speed inspection and can record accurate inspection location without needing a signal. The screen is optimized to speed the capture of critical images and notes, audio and more. Date and time stamping is completed automatically. Once completed and digitally signed, users can submit the report directly into the company's system(s) of record or kickoff a related workflow -- all from their smartphone.

HVAC Data Collection and Checklist Features

This pre-built HVAC inspection app speeds inspection and repair with intelligent data delivery, auto-population of equipment requirements and manuals, and more:

  • Geolocation, time and date stamp
  • Offline image capture with annotation
  • Barcode Scanning with remote or on-device look-ups (for offline operation)
  • Perform calculations and data validation
  • Offline data capture of repair info, with auto-synch when back online
  • Ability to store large amounts of data on mobile device (repair manuals and other media) for offline use
  • Elapsed time data capture through stopwatches and alarms
  • Includes handy reference chart for managing proper torque
  • Offers customized number keypads for fast one-handed entry of measurements
  • Sophisticated digital reporting and paper data output
  • Voice to text for notes capture
  • Signature capture

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