Equipment Inspection App with Checklists, Stopwatches and Alarms, Equipment Reference Charts and Calculations


This free equipment inspection app makes evaluating and inspecting mission-critical equipment fast and easy for inspectors. Optimized for one-handed data entry, the app can look-up equipment model information, capture torque or other measurements, and perform calculations with a click. The app also automatically records location and time data, and offers one-tap pass/fall buttons. Once the inspection is complete, inspectors can sign-off on the form and submit it directly into the company's system(s) of record -- all from their smartphone. 

This pre-built equipment inspection app -- which you can easily customize - is built to inspect a specific equipment model with unique specifications:

  • Custom branding
  • Geolocation, time and date stamp
  • Color-coded categories for fast reference and form launch
  • One tap pass/fail definitions
  • Elapsed time data capture through stopwatches and alarms
  • Includes handy reference chart for managing proper torque
  • Offers customized number keypads for fast one-handed entry of measurements

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