Mobile Forms Software Buyer's Guide

Advice on Selecting The Right Mobile Forms Software For Your Team

Buyer's Guide to Mobile Business Forms Software

Organizations have been dealing with a huge bottleneck when it comes to getting "enterprise-grade" mobile business forms and business apps out the door. The process has been slow and data shows that mobile forms that do get built and deployed often don't meet the needs of end-users or the enterprise.

The exploding requirement to digitize paper forms has created a shortage of mobile app developers and budget constraints. Enterprises are turning to mobile business forms software to get the job done.

This guide to mobile business forms software offers practical advice on evaluating mobile data collection products, including questions to ask vendors and reference customers/users, where to find credible product comparisons, and how to get the best price and a product your team can quickly become proficient with.

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Part 1: Going Paperless with Mobile Forms

While more mobile business apps are slowly getting into the hands of field workers, data shows the results have been disappointing. To effectively mobilize forms and business processes at the speed of business, companies must adopt the right approach and get the right software for your team.

Part 2: Engaging Your Business in the Software Evaluation Process

Business users, who are deeply familiar with the business processes and information required to get business done, are best suited to build mobile forms. This section of the guide explains how to engage them in the software evaluation process and crafting best practices for mobile business forms development.

Part 3: How to Find the Right Mobile Forms Software for Your Team

This guide will help you determine the key features your mobile forms software MUST include to ensure your apps are truly "enterprise-grade". You'll get clear advice on what to look for to ensure that the software you select doesn't run out of power as your organization's needs evolve. The guide also includes practical advice for finding and interviewing software customers to get unbiased opinion on the mobile forms their software product creates. 

Part 4: Ensuring Success

When evaluating mobile business forms software, an understanding of the learning/proficiency path for any product you consider is extremely important - especially as you bring business users without development skills into the mix. This section of the guide explains how to effectively evaluate onboarding and training programs from software vendors. The guide offers a list of capabilities your mobile forms software should include.

Part 5: How to Get Best Price on Mobile Forms Software

If the product you select does not have the right combination of licensing, hosting, services and training at a price you can afford, you could find building new mobile business forms very painful and expensive. Part 5 of the guide offers tactics to help ensure you get the best initial price and mobile forms software package for your team, with plenty of room to grow -- within your budget.

Why is This Good for Business?

As a business owner or operator, you know the only thing more valuable than money is time.

And while you may wish there were more hours in the day, the reality is that paper-based processes are devouring valuable hours.

Imagine what you could do with more time. More profits. More name-recognition. More savings.

When you make the decision to use mobile business forms, you eliminate the need for burdensome processes that bog down both you and your staff.

In addition to the sheer amount of time saved, using mobile forms saves money. If you’re used to using physical, paper forms to collect data, you’re no stranger to the recurring costs associated with doing business this way. Mobile business forms, however, only require software payment, allowing you to save more across your organization.

And if saved time and money isn’t enough of a reason to compel you to consider a move to mobile forms, this will: They function in real time. By automating the arduous process of data collection, stratification, and analysis, you can have near real-time visibility into all of your data.

How Can a Mobile Form Be Useful to My Business?

In addition to the benefits discussed above, mobile business forms can benefit your business across all parallels.

When you partner with an intuitive, easy-to-use technology partner, you can instantly customize any form field with a click. This ability not only makes your staff’s lives easier, but it also allows you to edit forms on-the-go so they can be truly reflective of the necessary information.

Mobile business forms also enable you to ensure security of private data and information. When you operate with paper-based processes, paper-based mistakes are a real likelihood. A form can be lost or damaged, spilled on our walked over. With mobile forms, you guarantee security of any and all confidential information.

Lastly, these forms are accessible to anyone, everywhere. Your workforce is mobile. Isn’t it time your forms are, too?

By using mobile business forms, your staff can complete them on the go, rather than lugging paperwork back to the office to complete at a later date. With mobile forms, data collection is done in the immediate.

Where Can I Find One?

Choosing the right technology partner can feel daunting. With so many promises and prices, how do you know which one is right for you?

To help make this decision easier, we conducted an exhaustive exploration of all things mobile business forms. If you’re interested in finding a partner whose capabilities fit your needs, we’ve got you covered.

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