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Alpha Anywhere Workshop: Building an Offline-capable App

Wednesday August 5, 1:00 - 2:00 PM ET

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Create Offline-Capable Mobile Business Apps FAST

Prototype, develop, and deploy secure mobile & web apps with a native experience on any device from a single code base.

Helping Thousands of Companies Solve The Mobile App Gap.

The Only Platform That Has Built-in Offline Support with No Added Cost or Time

According to Forrester Research's recent report "The Offline Mobile Challenge," offline capability will be "a consideration for nearly every future modern application" and is "often the most important and difficult mobile feature" to implement.

But, "Adding offline capabilities to an app can more than triple its development complexity [and cost]” according to Wired Magazine (June 2014)—unless you use Alpha Anywhere. Alpha Anywhere is the only platform in which robust transactional offline support is built directly in. The apps you build in Alpha Anywhere can be built to work smoothly offline with no incremental cost or time.

The new release of Alpha Anywhere "supports a very robust solution for HTML5 implementations" needing offline.

- Forrester Research September 2014 report, "The Offline Mobile Challenge"
(The report is available to Forrester subscribers or for purchase at

Of the 3 levels for offline support defined by Forester, Alpha supports the highest one, "Complete Transactional Synchronization with Conflict Resolution," and it does this without adding any additional time or cost to your development project.

Plus Offline capable apps are faster - since there is no server lag time when working locally, and cost less, since the devices you use don't require cellular connection or a data plan.

See an example of offline support in this 90 second video.

Complete, Front-End to Back-End, Prototype-to-Production

While most solutions address either the front-end OR the back end, Alpha Anywhere™ is a single environment that combines all required client and server development features - allowing you to solve sophisticated app challenges, including offline support with a few clicks. It features scalable, secure deployment, and connections to a wide range of SQL databases, NoSQL Databases, and web services.

<span style='color:#303030; font-weight: bold; font-size:14px;'>Native Behavior Across Multiple Devices</span> <span style='color:#303030; font-weight: bold; font-size:14px;'>Apps Function Even When Offline</span> <span style='color:#303030; font-weight: bold; font-size:14px;'>Powerful Security For PCI and HIPAA Compliance</span> <span style='color:#303030; font-weight: bold; font-size:14px;'>Connects To Virtually Any Legacy SQL Database or Web Service</span>

Alpha is trusted by thousands of companies, including

A Low Code Solution Saves Time Without Limiting Power

Get the speed of a rapid application development environment, with direct access to "injection points" where you can hook your own server-side and client side code into the code created by Alpha. This gives you both high productivity and high confidence that you can get the job done.

Point, Click and Fill Out Property Sheets

Alpha Anywhere automates programming tasks that are common, but complex - like data synchronization - saving you development time

Suitable for Programmers with varied Skillsets

You don't need to be a rockstar programmer to get productive fast. But if you have skills in HTML5, JavaScript, or any .NET supported language, you can use those skills with Alpha Anywhere.

Visual Builder Speeds Development
Never Give Up Power

All of the HTML, JavaScript, and Server Code is at Your Fingertips in Cases Where You Need to Customize.

Flexible Deployment

On-premises, off-premises, and cloud deployment - whichever works best for you.

For a complete technical overview of Alpha Anywhere's model-driven low code environment, see this 7 minute video produced by Dan Bricklin (our CTO, and creator of VisiCalc the world's first spreadsheet)

Responsive, Cross-Platform HTML5 Business Applications with the User Experience of Native Apps

Alpha Anywhere gives you the look, feel, and performance of native applications, but since they are created with HTML5, the applications can be run on virtually any smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Responsive design allows your app to adjust to the available screen size. Custom Javascript controls (included) create the feel and performance that you could traditionally only get from a native application. And because one-touch support for PhoneGap Build is included - your applications can take easily advantage of device hardware, like the camera, accelerometer, and GPS. Get all of the advantages of natively programmed applications, in far less time. Build once. Run anywhere.


Standards-Based Development

Alpha Anywhere Applications are built with standard technologies: HTML5, CSS,and JavaScript. They can the be automatically wrapped with PhoneGap Build to create hybrid applications that run on Android, iOS, Windows Phone. And the applications you also run on desktop, laptop computers. Responsive and Adaptive design features are built right in, delivering a great user experience on any device.

Everything You Need is Built Right In

Alpha Anywhere is a complete package that includes everything from SSL support and data encryption to a multi-pass banded report writer. Leverage a wide range of data sources. including SQL, NoSQL, and REST APIs. (Native Database drivers are included for MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and virtually all other popular SQL backends.) Full mapping/geolocation capabilities are included, as well as HTML5 video, scheduling, and more. Many of these features can be implemented very quickly without any coding - but the underlying code is always accesible to you, should you need it. Plus your application can be extended with Node.js, JavaScript libraries, .NET assemblies, and more. You will never run out of power.

Alpha is Trusted by Some of the Biggest Companies and Organizations

Alpha Anywhere customers span every industry. Whenever a powerful business app needs to be built fast - Alpha is there to help.


What Our Customers and Key Publications Have to Say

"The builder gives me time to spend doing what I like, which is solving business problems. I don't have to sit and write a lot of code to solve complex problems."

Niles Boje Nils Boje, MAERSK
See The Interview

"My boss said, "Are you kidding? You built all of this over a weekend!" It's not that I'm a genius, the software is just that good."

Imran Riaz Imran Riaz, SVP, TD Bank
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"Alpha Anywhere allows the easy creation of hybrid mobile apps without requiring the developer to install multiple native development environments."

InfoWorld InforWorld, March 2014
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"Alpha Software’s low code environment builds enterprise mobile and Web apps with less coding, but with the option for developers to add custom code when needed."

SD Times SD Times, August 2014
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See the Kinds of Applications You Can Build Fast

5 Minute Compilation of Alpha Anywhere Applications See The Video

3 Minute Video of an Application You Can Build in a Few Hours See the Video

Developer Turns Idea Into a Rich, Data Driven Mobile App in 3 Days Using Alpha Anywhere
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AlphaRef Reader Documentation and Reference App Overview See the Video

Comprehensive Training Courses Now Available for Alpha Anywhere Developers

Twin Peaks Research, Alpha Software's official training partner, offers interactive, instructor-led courses - at its own training facility, online, or at your location - that will, in just a few days, transform you into a proficient developer of robust and secure mobile and web business applications with Alpha Anywhere...Guaranteed or your money-back!

I want to thank the instructors at Twin Peaks Research for providing an exceptional learning experience for the Alpha Anywhere development platform."
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- Frank Zwolinski

I was very impressed by the amount of material that was covered in just 2 days in the Alpha Anywhere: Advanced Topics class, without rushing through any of it."
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- Sagrika Mehta

The Developer's Course and the Advanced Topics course gave me exactly what I needed to take full advantage of Alpha Anywhere. Awesome!"
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- Joe Diciacco

The Alpha Anywhere: Mobile Framework course offers a comprehensive overview for all of those developing mobile business applications."
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- Sarah Mitchell

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