5S Audit App helps evaluate and score the current state of the 5S implementation with digital audit questions

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No one likes to waste time when they're on the job. Workers want user-friendly tools that make their jobs easier, not harder.  Workers also want to move around your facility easily, not worrying about potential injury due to a disorganized area. In Lean Manufacturing, 5S Audits offer a system for visual management of workspaces so work can be performed efficiently, effectively, and safely.

5S principles help eliminate unnecessary items, time, movement, and inventory on a daily cadence. The effort also improves workplace organization as a whole. 5S Standards result in more efficient operations and continuous improvements. Derived from five Japanese words, the term 5s comprises:

  • Seiri (Sort) – Distinguishing between necessary and unnecessary processes and materials, and removing what is not needed
  • Seiton (Straighten) – Ensuring that all items are organized and in a designated place
  • Seiso (Shine) – Keeping the workplace and equipment clean and orderly
  • Seiketsu (Standardize) – Creating standard processes for organization and cleanliness of the workspace
  • Shitsuke (Sustain) – Sustaining the new processes and conducting audits to maintain adherence.

This free 5S Audit checklist solution helps assess the state of your 5S implementation, reduce unnecessary items in working areas, and improve the working environment. This 5S Audit mobile app evaluates and scores key indicators in each of the five components of a 5S program in real-time. Each audit process is automatically scored, so that progress can be measured over time. You can also customize this Alpha TransForm 5S audit template for your needs. 

Why is an 5s Audit Form or 5S Checklist Useful?

Unique in nature, this five-pronged audit provides an actionable framework that allows organizations to conduct an ongoing analysis of work processes. It's often used as part of lean methodology for process improvement or continuous improvement.

By identifying inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement through this audit, you can greatly improve overall efficiency and eliminate roadblocks. Benefits of 5s implementation include:

  • Reduced product defects
  • Eliminate waste
  • Fewer errors
  • Faster processes and production
  • Improved employee job satisfaction

What You Need in Your Next 5s Audit

Before you can start improving workflow processes, you must identify areas in need of betterment.

Below, we break down five easy steps that will help you make your next 5s audit a replicable success.

  • Identify problems that are slowing your processes
  • Assess the root of each problem
  • Develop and implement standards as part of an action plan
  • Repeat the process over regular time periods
  • Partner with a technology vendor with a 5s audit tool

Easy to Use 5S Audit Checklist App for Lean Manufacturing

Evaluate and score the current state of your 5S implementation in lean manufacturing with this free digital 5S audit checklist that features:

  • Intuitive, powerful 5S app works in manufacturing facility floors without WiFi or cell signal
  • Automatic scoring and progress indicators in-app – even while offline
  • Signature capture and timestamp for traceability and analysis over time
  • Logging of red-tagged items
  • Generate reports in PDF, on visual dashboards, XLS or other formats
Complete the form to get this 5S Audit template. Standardize and sustain continuous improvement efforts by evalinting the impact of improvements and compare results against previous audits.
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