Toolbox Talk App with GPS location, signature capture, voice to text notes and offline operation

Construction Toolbox Talk App Screenshot 1

A toolbox talk is an informal group discussion that focuses on safety topics related to the specific job being performed.  Toolbox talks help develop your organization’s safety culture by promoting the sharing of hazard information, documenting safety checks and facilitate job site health and safety discussions.

This free toolbox talk template helps organize and document toolbox talks by collecting topics, discussion notes, attendance, meeting duration and location, and signatures using mobile-optimized controls suitable for working offline at the job site.

Toolbox Talk App Features

This pre-built Toolbox Talk App helps document safety discussion held at the job site:


  • Offline data capture at the job site and sync when back online
  • Capture GPS location and duration of meeting with simple button press
  • Signature capture to verify attendance and compliance
  • Voice to text to capture discussion topics and notes

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Construction Toolbox Talk App Screenshot 2

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