Empower Visiting Nurses with Mobile Care App

Visiting Nurse 1

This free patient care app helps nurses on tight deadlines quickly record patient visits and capture critical healthcare data accurately. The app captures patient vitals with stopwatches, audio recordings, image capture, or single taps using optimized keyboards built for one-handed data entry. Nurses can then sign-off on the form and submit it directly into the company's system(s) of record -- all from their smartphone.

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Patient Care Features and Use Cases

This pre-built patient care app enables nurses to quickly and easily capture detailed visual, audio and patient data on their smartphones:

  • Geolocation, time and date stamp
  • Audio recordings of observations by the Nurse or sounds (coughing, wheezing etc)
  • Customized fields and keyboards for different types of vital data (degrees, time, etc.)
  • Stop watches and alarms for time measurement - used for various measurements
  • Medication information stored on the device
  • Offline data capture of audio and images with annotation
  • Show/Hide fields based on data entered into previous fields
  • Signature capture
  • Barcode Scanning of medical devices with on-device look-ups (for offline operation)
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