Citizen Developers:

The Democratization of Mobile and Web App Development


Speed Digital TransFormation: Democratize App Development with Citizen Developers

Organizations need more business apps than ever before. The backlog of new apps or existing apps needing updates is only growing and IT is strapped to meet demand. Mobile Developers are hard to find and hire and the talent to build these apps isn’t already in your organization. Or is it?

Here’s one look at how companies are succeeding amid the mobile app explosion with the teams they already have within their organizations: empowering citizen developers to build web and mobile apps.

Read how successful organizations are decreasing the app backlog by enabling a wide range of workers -- often in surprising areas of the business -- become mobile app developers. You'll learn:

  • Predictions for how many business apps enterprises will need to build in the coming years
  • Practical examples of line of business analysts and domain experts building enterprise apps
  • What your organization must do to empower line of business employees to build apps
  • Important requirements that must be met for line of business workers to successfully build applications
  • The types of development platforms, including low-code app development platforms, to consider for citizen development.
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The Democratization of App Development

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