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Reasons To Choose Multiplatform Mobile App Development

Companies need to develop more mobile apps to support business activity. Cross platform application development allows you to deliver outstanding user experiences on virtually any mobile device. 

Cross platform app development builds apps for both iOS and Android devices

It’s a simple fact of life in the mobile world: You’re better off if you develop apps not for one platform, but for multiple ones. Native app development that only reaches iOS users or Android users is a losing proposition. Either way, you’re missing out on a massive audience. To succeed, business owners must build apps that reach both audiences, regardless of which smartphone or tablet they use.

That’s easier said than done, of course. Learning the ropes of two different programming languages is a daunting task. And it’s particularly problematic if you want to build and launch an app fast. Between learning the different languages, and then doing dual development, by the time your apps are ready to launch, they’ll already be outdated.

What should you choose for mobile application development?

The answer is simple. Choose a cross-development platform. That lets you create a single interface, a single codebase, and then quickly deploy your finished apps to iOS and Android. When you want to update, update your codebase and deploy again.

Here are the top reasons for going cross-platform applications.

Cross platform mobile app development is rising in popularity

Quicker Development Time

Let’s start with one of the most important reasons: You’ll slash development time. The blog post, “Should I Choose Cross-Platform or Native for My Mobile App?” puts it this way:

“Since developers don’t need to learn multiple technologies to create the app, it can be a faster and easier process for in-house developers that don’t have extensive experience building apps. Note that, typically, web developers will suggest cross-platform development since they are then able to open up adding app development to their services offering. The ability to create a single set of code makes release faster for both the initial deployment and future updates.”

Quicker development time leads, in turn, to quicker time to market. And that’s key in the dog-eat-dog mobile world.

Less Code Development

Because cross development platforms let you reuse a single codebase, that means you and your team will end up doing less code development.

Use cross platform app development to speed UI and UX for mobile appsThe benefits to that are obvious. But there are less obvious benefits as well. It means you can more quickly prototype apps.

You’ll be able to gather important user feedback more quickly, and more quickly incorporate those changes. That feedback can come not just from users, but from internal stakeholders as well. So it leads to an improved user interface, greater acceptance in your organization, and more user uptake.

It’s More Cost Efficient

Writing less code and having to maintain less code means you’ll be able to cut app development costs. Developer productivity can skyrocket --- they can develop iOS and Android app versions simultaneously, potentially leading to double your teams efficiency. You’ll only need one development team, not two.

It Improves Flexibility

Let’s say your team has built an app for iOS and Android, and your business decides it needs to enter a new market. You have to act quickly, because if you’re late launching an app for that new market, you won’t have a chance to succeed. Your team needs to be able to turn on a dime and get those apps launched ASAP.

Cross platform app development frameworks and tools let you do just that. With them you can quickly make changes to the single code base and then quickly deploy the app to both iOS and Android. Without those tools, it will take at least twice as long. There’s a good chance that will mean your business won’t be able to take advantage of the market.

The upshot of all this? For all these reasons and more, cross platform mobile development is the way to go for mobile app development.

Finding A Solid Multiplatform Mobile App Development Platform

Cross platform mobile app development softwareAlpha Anywhere cross-platform app development software allows you to quickly build and deploy mobile apps for free. These highly secure applications run like native apps desktops and mobile devices. Once you build your app, Alpha Cloud enables one-click deployment for your apps for as little as $99/month, enabling you to keep your business applications safe and secure while speeding them to end-users’ mobile devices.

Alpha Software also offers a range of mentoring, training and professional services to help you speed and scale cross-platform mobile app development at your organization.

Start building cross-platform mobile apps for free today.

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