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Traditional self-hosting requires not only the hardware and software to run your applications, but the space to house your servers, plus skilled people to manage, maintain, and monitor systems 24/7 to keep things running smoothly. With Alpha Cloud -- built on AWS and pressure tested by thousands of developers -- we take care of installing and maintaining server software needed to run your Alpha Anywhere applications, allowing you to focus on building your business applications.

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Alpha Cloud vs. Traditional Self-Hosting

Alpha Cloud
Traditional Self-Hosting
Servers are monitored and managed for you, allowing you to focus on developing your applications.
Requires DevOps team to monitor and manage the hosting environment on a 24/7 basis.
Pre-configured with the software needed to make Alpha Anywhere applications deliver great results.
Hardware and software must be hosted on-site and is yours to maintain and manage.
Automatically scales up or down to meet your application demands.
Must add, manage, and maintain additional hardware and software to handle sudden increases in demand.
Hosted off-site, eliminating the need for physical space, facilities management, disaster recovery, etc.
Must provide the space, power, and cooling systems for your hosting environment.
Rollback or schedule deployments from within Alpha Anywhere.
Must create and implement a process for storing and managing rollbacks and deployments.
Easily create testing and demo environments.
Must create a separate test environment, requiring additional hardware and software.
Deploy multiple applications to multiple versions of Alpha Anywhere with ease.
Must develop solutions for maintaining multiple instances of Alpha Anywhere to support applications requiring different versions.
Deploy applications to data centers close to you and your users.
Responsible for setting up remote hosting locations to support users in multiple countries.

Alpha Cloud Features

✓ Direct Publishing to the Cloud
✓ Create Multiple Sites & Test Environments
✓ Publish to any Alpha Anywhere Version
✓ Automatic Scaling to Handle Increased Demand
✓ Integrated Rollback and Deployment Scheduling
✓ Fine-grained Control of Resource Management
✓ Failover Support
✓ Domain Name Support
✓ Multi-region Support
✓ TLS/SSL Support
✓ Tenancy Control
✓ Administrative Controls for your Dev Team

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