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Alpha Cloud Enables Top-Quality Elder Care

Guest post by Ricky Relouw, Director, CIM Applications - Australia

nurse patient healthcareMy company, CIM Applications, helps residential aged care homes in Australia provide the best services for their residents, and meet the national standards required by the government’s Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. Our work is vital because it can really improve the quality of life for countless aged Australian residents.

Our software, CIM (Continuous Improvement Manager), is an easy-to-navigate web-based application and offers a complete suite of tools for human resources, staff competency monitoring, volunteer management, continuous improvement planning, education records, and resident KPI monitoring. It removes the stress from nursing homes that need to meet care standards and supports accreditation compliance, and ongoing announced and unannounced audit reviews. 

AlphaAnywhere2022Trans2-1-1I’ve been using Alpha Five, Alpha Anywhere, and now Alpha Cloud as my preferred development platform since 2007. It’s a one-stop shop, enabling me to build desktop applications, mobile apps, and fully functioning cloud-based web applications. Its flexibility lets me quickly and easily adapt my projects to an ever-changing business, technical and regulatory environment.

alphaCloudLogoFinalAlpha Cloud has been a particularly powerful tool. It helped me solve the problems with the ongoing maintenance and oversight required to manage a virtual private server and lets me be up and running in the shortest amount of time. I have only a limited knowledge of server management and it gives me reassurance that behind the scenes, everything is being taken care of.

The stress and responsibility for maintaining backups, updates, and security can be overwhelming, especially when something goes wrong. Honestly, who has the time to manage a server, confident that they are on top of all the updates, backups, and security? Alpha Cloud allows me to publish directly to the cloud and it handles all the server management details.

This allows me to focus on developing and delivering a stable system to end users. I no longer need to concern myself with hosting responsibilities. I can publish directly to end users — and even publish test versions without interrupting them. I can also roll back to an earlier software version if problems arise.

Sydney Opera HouseEspecially important for me is that Alpha Anywhere has introduced the Australian region to the list of published servers, allowing me to publish in a region that is best for my customers.

With cloud-based publishing, I can skip the stress and put my time and energy into where it really counts. I know that I am providing a robust, secure, and low-maintenance system. All in all, Alpha Anywhere and Alpha Cloud are unstoppable!


alphacloud-mobile-business-cloudConsidering the move to Alpha Cloud for your Alpha Anywhere applications? 

Alpha Cloud is available in the U.S., Europe, and Asia Pacific, to dramatically improve the performance of your Alpha Anywhere apps and save you significant development costs. Learn more about Alpha Cloud including new pricing packages.


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About Author

Ricky Relouw, Director, CIM Applications
Ricky Relouw, Director, CIM Applications

Ricky Relouw is Director, CIM Applications, which produces Continuous Improvement Manager (CIM). CIM is a powerful web-based application that supports the manager to track / update / maintain essential data for a facility or an organisation. CIM is a management program that enables the manager to provide KPI data to ensure governance and compliance towards meeting accreditation requirements. "Takes the stress out of Accreditation"

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