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New Study Shows Cloud Use Will Explode After COVID-19

Adoption of the cloud, which was going strong even before the advent of the COVID epidemic, will skyrocket after it. So concludes O’Reilly Media after releasing its survey, “Cloud Adoption in 2020.”

Cloud use will only grow in a post-COVID business world.The survey was taken before the pandemic began, and it showed that this year would already be a dramatic year for cloud growth. It found that 88 percent of companies were already using some form of cloud technology. Some 45 percent of companies said they would move 75 percent or more of their applications to the cloud in 2020. And 25 percent of companies said they would move all of their applications to the cloud in 2020.

The public cloud is the most popular option for companies, it found, but most organizations use a mix of cloud options. There’s plenty of growth coming for the cloud, the report says, because almost half of all companies (49 percent) still run applications in the traditional, on-premise way. In addition, more than 90 percent of companies say they expect to increase their use of the cloud in 2020.

Keep in mind that this snapshot of cloud use and expectations concluded before the pandemic. Since the pandemic, cloud use will accelerate even more, says Mary Treseler, O'Reilly's vice president of content strategy, who was in charge of the study. She notes that when the survey was taken, “COVID-19 was not a term we all knew yet. We had no idea that by the time the report was published that the world would be embroiled in the COVID-19 pandemic. The findings are really a sampling of where we were and then the pandemic happened."

Since then, she says, cloud use has grown and will continue to grow more. "What you are going to see is an acceleration of more people going 100% to the cloud," she explains.

She isn’t alone in this belief. The Wall Street Journal reports, “Cloud-computing providers are emerging as among the few corporate winners in the coronavirus pandemic as office and store closures across the U.S. have pushed more activity online.” And David S. Linthicum, chief cloud strategy officer at Deloitte Consulting, puts it this way in an InfoWorld blog post, “Get ready for the post-pandemic run on cloud,” “Most likely, after the crisis has gone and business hopefully returns to normal, there will be a mad rush to move to public cloud-based.”

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How to Move to the Cloud Now

At Alpha, we have plenty of experience with the cloud, because our Alpha Cloud takes care of installing and maintaining server software needed to run your Alpha Anywhere applications, allowing you to focus on building your business applications.

Alpha Cloud takes care of installing and maintaining server software needed to run your business applicationsWe know that you may need to move your deployments to the cloud, and that takes one kind of expertise. And we also know you may want to redeploy your applications on a different cloud platform (for example moving from virtual machines to containers or even to Kubernetes), and that takes another set of skills.

Those are good reasons to move to Alpha Cloud. On Alpha Cloud, the deployment is managed for you automatically with self-service dialogs. And Alpha Cloud removes the need to hire or train cloud experts to get there.

Alpha Cloud is elastic, so scales as needed, and automated so no manual work is required to use it. It’s highly reliable, with redundancy and failover; its shared resources make it possible to spread out the workload among multiple data centers and servers. It’s self-service as well, so you can get it immediately.

For more details, head here.

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