A Simple Solution for Getting People Back to Work and School Safely

AlphaMED COVIDCARE is a mobile wellness app built to help reopen business quickly and safely during the coronavirus pandemic.The public health app is the first written by a physician on the front line of COVID care in New York City.  

The app adapts to changing Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and state guidelines. It also incorporates experience from front-line physicians diagnosing and treating COVID patients. The app allows schools to certify staff and students daily to safely return to the classroom during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Increase worker safety and stop the spread of COVID-19.
  • Show your employees and public you care.
  • Stop health threats before they enter your facility.

Easily Implement Wellness Certification for Any Business, Educational and Non-Profit Organization

"We’ve done the hard work so employers now have a simple solution that meets reopening guidelines and ensures a safe workplace."


- Warren J. Wexelman, M.D. 
Cardiologist/Internist at NYU Langone Medical Center 
and Author of the AlphaMed COVIDCARE

AlphaMED COVIDCARE enables budget-conscious organizations to immediately implement a COVID-19 screening process to meet local reopening guidelines. This app aids large HR departments, local and state governments, small businesses, schools, restaurants, retail outlets and churches that cannot build screening centers or cannot staff temperature checks but still need to find ways to safely reopen.

The app aids in maintaining physical distance between employees. The app helps reduce the chances of coronavirus cases coming into the workplace. 

A Reopening Solution that Serves More Workers, Reduces Risk and Lowers Costs for Business

Use smartphones to quickly meet reopening guidelines and ensure a safe workplace while encouraging physical distancing. Allow employees to answer simple questions on their smartphones at home and self-certify that they're healthy to attend work or school. By leveraging smartphones, the app enhances safety by identifying high risk community members BEFORE they get to a physical screening center or the workplace, facility or religious institution. Organizations can reopen safely and ensure a safe environment each day, without having to incur the expense or time to establish new systems.

Need a solution for getting students back to school? Learn about the AlphaMED COVIDCARE Back to School App.


A Fast and Simple COVID-19 Screening Experience for All

Workers log in to the AlphaMED COVIDCARE app on their iPhone or android device each morning, answer questions about their current health and risk factors for COVID-19, then receive instant notification if they’re cleared to come into the workplace, school or religious institution.**

If certification fails, the app suggests next steps, such as participating remotely or contacting a medical professional. The intuitive, easy to use questionnaire takes less than a minute to complete.

A Powerful Data Engine to Meet Strict COVID-19 Compliance Requirements

Organizations can analyze the health data and administer notifications directly or have AlphaMED manage the entire process. For those organizations that require certification to meet compliance requirements, data can be exported and shared.

AlphaMED COVIDCARE provides a simple solution for thousands of businesses to safely reopen and allow employees to return to work.

AlphaMED COVIDCARE is deployed on a cloud/mobile platform that is immediately ready to use and requires minimal setup and configuration. While the mobile app employs a standardized questionnaire based on CDC guidelines, organization-specific questions/fields can be added very easily to the application implementation for that school.

Additional workplace reopening solutions are available for scheduling staff and meeting, cafeteria and conference areas. Contact us for more health and safety apps to help with COVID-19 response and planning.

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**Important note: AlphaMED COVIDCARE does not provide medical advice but is intended for information purposes only. It is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It is not engaging in the practice of medicine, nor is it in any way meant to eliminate your doctor or other healthcare providers.

Do not ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of the questions or results of the AlphaMED COVIDCARE App. No matter what the results of the App show, if you do not feel well, call your doctor or other health care provider immediately. If you think that you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or dial 911. Always follow social distancing guidelines put forth by the health care community and governmental authorities. Decisions about entering any facility or engaging in any activity rests with the institutions, individuals, guardians and parents and are made solely at their own risk and should always be made with the guidance of their respective medical providers.

Additional Resource for School Administrators:

The COVID-19 Guidance for Business and Employers from the CDC answers questions such as:

  • What is the role of businesses and employers in responding to COVID-19? 
  • How to maintain healthy business operations and a healthy work environment? 

  • How to implement the most appropriate controls for your workplace?