The Quick Report Genie
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The new Quick Report Genie is considerably more useful (and attractive) than the old Genie. One key difference to note is that Quick Reports can be used as they are and saved for future editing. In contrast, the old Quick Report Genie was a one-shot, one-way starter for the Report Editor.
Using the SQL Genie
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The SQL Genie helps you write SQL expressions. This page contains some pointers on how to use it.
Quick Panel Genie
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The Quick Panel Genie allows you to define a complex Panel layout quickly.
Using the Button Genie
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The Button Genie lets you easily create buttons that perform single or multiple steps. For example, you can use the Action Scripting Editor to create a custom script that executes the following actions when a user clicks a button:
Converting a Quick Report to a Layout Table Report
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Once you have gone as far as possible with a Quick Report, you'll want to convert it to a Free Form or Layout Table Report. The Open in Report Editor button on the main toolbar does this when the Quick Report Genie is open. If you want to preserve the Quick Report for future use in the Genie, first press the Save As button on the main toolbar and either accept the generated name or choose a new name.
Using the New Browse Genie
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When you create a new browse layout, the New Browse genie lets you select which columns you want to place in the browse layout and apply a stylesheet to the browse. To create a new browse:
Using the New Form Genie
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When you create a new form for a table or set, the New Form Genie lets you create customized form layouts in a fraction of the time that it would take to manually layout out a new form. The New Form Genie lets you:
Quick Reports
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Building reports with the Quick Report Genie
Using an Action Script Genie in the Xbasic Editor
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Just because you are in the Xbasic Code Editor does not mean you cannot take advantage of the Action Script Genies. This example shows how to use the Action Script Editor to generate code to paste into an Xbasic script.
How to Use the Report Editor
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Reports are a versatile type of layout for printing data. Reports can order and select the record, group related records, and perform calculations. Report layouts can divide pages into columns, display graphics, and include page headers and footers.