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About Alpha TransForm

Alpha TransForm is a mobile app development and deployment platform that allows developers and individuals to build and deploy mobile apps that can be integrated into enterprise workflows. Businesses can use Alpha TransForm to digitize inspection and incident reports, compliance and audit reports, safety checklists, customer records and inventory tracking. Digitizing paper forms enables workers to be more productive., and enables better customer service, faster data insights and reduced risk.

TransForm offers the power, programmability and control that’s similar to low-code development platforms. However, with TransForm, developers can build apps in hours or days rather than weeks or months. In addition, developers can modify TransForm apps almost instantly while they would have to recode non-TransForm apps and resubmit then to apps stores.

Companies are adopting TransForm because it allows them to be more productive. If they need to build web apps or very customized mobile capabilities, the work they’ve done in TransForm can be extended through Alpha Anywhere, Alpha’s low-code mobile and web development deployment platform.


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