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five stars low key

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"Alpha Anywhere allows us to build and deploy mobile apps quicker than almost anything else."

Role: Director, IT Applications Development
Industry: Energy & Utilities
Firm Size: $10B - $30B USD

"Excellent, feature-rich platform, always innovating whilst remaining responsive to users."

Role: Applications Lead Developer
Industry: Services
Firm Size: $3B - $10B USD

"Great blend that enables you to start immediately and continue to get more sophisticated."

Role: Senior Programmer/Analyst
Industry: Government
Firm Size: Undisclosed/p>

"Amazing power - Alpha Anywhere makes Rapid Application Development what it needs to be."

Role: Group Head, Systems Integration
Industry: Telecommunications
Firm Size: $50M - $250M USD/p>

"An excellent patform for creating integrated web and mobile apps."

Role: IT Manager
Industry: Misc.
Firm Size: $50M - $250M USD

"Great product! You will be productive out of the box."

Role: IT Manager
Industry: Manufacturing
Firm Size: <$50M

five stars low key


"Great end user results - Customer support second to none."

Name: Steve Palmer
Organization: Badger Inventory Service, Inc.
Industry: Services

"Great value - web and mobile with a single platform."

Name: Jeremy Scrime
Organization: Warren County
Industry: Government

"Become a genius - use Alpha Anywhere."

Name: Ronald Gray
Organization: House of Raeford
Industry: Government

Unbeatable multi-platform environment."

Name: Robin Bennett
Organization: Start Software
Industry: Services

Professional caliber Rapid Development Software."

Name: Stephen Gibson
Organization: London Health Sciences Centre
Industry: Healthcare

"Programming for the non-programmer."

Name: Howard Wheeler
Organization: Saval Foods
Firm Size: Retail

five stars low key

TrustPilot Knockout

"A platform that does more than it says."

Name: Luan Jaupi
Organization: The HALO Trust
Industry: Nonprofit

"Great RAD software."

Name: James Talbott
Organization: Talbott Associates
Industry: Services

"The team at Alpha is incredible, they are 'programmer' focused."

Name: John Zapier
Organization: Undisclosed
Industry: Undisclosed

"Extremely flexible tool from a company that stands behind it's product."

Name: Andrea Rachel
Organization: Rev1 Power
Industry: Energy

"Exceptional value for building web and mobile apps."

Name: Undisclosed
Organization: Warren County
Industry: Government

five stars low key

G2Crowd Knockout

"Alpha Anywhere Made Me a Genius."

I never thought I would be capable of writing web enabled applications. Thanks to Alpha Anywhere I am now the software magician in my organization of 5,000 employees.

Name: Ronald G.

"THE Development Platform for Web and Mobile."

I love the flexibility: Alpha allows for almost any SQL-Based back-end database tables/views (SQL Server, MySQl, MS Access, Oracle, etc).

Name: Phil S.

"Powerful, Flexible Mobile and Web Application Database Development Environment."

Use the tools, the wizards, the builders to jump start a component or project... and then Alpha allows a developer to dig in start working deep within the environment.

Name: David K.

"Alpha Anywhere has a unique combination of power, flexibility, and affordability."

The company stands behind their product and the service and support is exceptional. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone looking to develop Web Applications and Mobile Applications.

Name: Jeremy S.

"My Alpha Anywhere experience or How I caught the perfect wave."

The heavy lifting of enterprise security, database transparency, cross platform development and complex interactions are all included in the development environment. If I need to get into the code, I can do that..

Name: Bill H.

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