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What the top Analyts Say About Alpha Software...

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Microstrategy Mobile App Platform Alternatives
Gartner Peer Insights identifies Alpha Software as the top-rated mobile app development product that companies should consider as an alternative to Microstrategy.  


Identify and Evaluate Your Next Low-Code Development Technologies
Gartner analysts include Alpha Software one of two leading rapid mobile application development companies highlighted in the report. Read Report 

Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms

Gartner analysts include Alpha Software as one of two honorable mentions in this year's MQ. Read Report 

Low-Code Development Technologies Evaluation Guide
Gartner analysts selected Alpha Software to be surveyed for creation of this evaluation guideRead Report 

Platform as a Service: Definition, Taxonomy and Vendor Landscape, 2019
This report mentions Alpha Software as a vendor in the High-Productivity (Low-Code and No-Code) Application Platform Services (hpaPaaS) segment that offers private cloud deployment through it's Alpha Cloud offering. Read Report 

2018 Assessing Microsoft PowerApps as a Citizen Developer Platform
"PowerApps is a public-cloud-only service. Organizations seeking to deploy apps on-premises will need to consider an hpaPaaS, which offers an on-premises platform such as Alpha Software." Read Report 

2018 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise High-Productivity Application Platform as a Service

Alpha Anywhere is recognized as an honorable mention in this report about solutions that support application development, deployment and execution in the cloud, and provide services for declarative, model-driven application design and development, and simplified one-button deployments. Read Report 

It's Time for App Leadership to Reframe Mobile App Development Decisions

Alpha Software is mentioned as an RMAD vendor that should be considered for specific mobile app use cases that require a quick and simple deployment. Read Report 

2018 Market Guide for Rapid Mobile App Development Tools

Alpha Anywhere is one of only a few vendors that meets ALL of Gartner's criteria for App Functionality Support and RMAD Product Capabilities. Read Report 

Government CIOs Need to Consider Alternatives to Developing Custom Mobile Apps

Alpha Anywhere named as an RMAD tool that government CIOs should consider. Read Report

2017 Market Guide for Rapid Mobile App Development Tools

Alpha Anywhere is one of only a few vendors that meet ALL of Gartner's criteria of popular app features. Read Report

2017 Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms
"Alpha Software has robust enterprise integration capabilities and rich client-side workflow and custom logic creation in its coding-optional development tool.

Market Guide for High-Productivity Rapid Application Development Tools
Discusses how new-generation Rapid App Development (RAD) tools have emerged to simplify and speed the development of business applications. Alpha Software is listed in the report as one of these new-generation RAD tools and one that "also fits into the RMAD market." Read Report 

Gartner Peer Insights

IT Professionals Rank Mobile Application Development Platforms and give Alpha Anywhere a perfect score. Read Report 

Critical Capabilities for Mobile Application Development Platforms

Gartner analysts call out Alpha Software as one of the vendors worth considering for mobile application development. Read Report 

Market Guide for Rapid Mobile App Development Tools
Gartner analysts include Alpha Software as one "Alpha Software offers the Alpha Anywhere platform with a wizard-driven development environment for building HTML5 and hybrid mobile apps (in combination with Cordova/PhoneGap)." Read Report 

How to Address the Complexities of the Mobile AD Technologies Vendor Landscape
Gartner analysts include Alpha Software as a vendor in the RMAD segment, which is replacing traditional coding approaches, such as native development tools, with more-effective approaches that automatically build the scaffolding around the business processes. Read Report

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New Tech: Mobile Low-Code Development Platforms, Q1 2018 

Alpha Software is listed as a mid-sized vendor, with expertise in manufacturing, oil and gas and construction, and customers such as
Bradshaw International, California Resources, Intel, Newmont Mining, and Weatherford in this report. The report focuses on helping clients leverage mobile low-code platforms to enlist non-expert developers, accelerate your professional developers' efforts and support mobile specific development needs.
 Read Report 


The Forrester Wave™: Mobile Low-Code Development Platforms, Q1 2017 

Alpha Anywhere is named a Strong Performer with easy on-ramp and low costs. Forrester says,"Transparent online pricing makes it easy for business users to acquire Alpha and put it to work, and robust offline support makes it a good solution for field employee apps. In addition, customer references find Alpha responsive and give the product high marks for maturity and frequency of updates."  Read Report 


Native, Web, And Cross-Platform Mobile Apps All Have Their Places 

Alpha Anywhere is called out as a cross-platform that provides tooling for designing robust web applications. Read Report 

Vendor Landscape: The Fractured, Fertile Terrain of Low-Code Application Platforms 
Alpha Software is included in the "Low-code Platforms for Database apps" category of which Forrester says, "of the five low-code platform segments, the products focused on database apps have the greatest potential to empower non developers,." Analysts also report Alpha's mobile forms technology as being "strong." 

Native, Web, And Cross-Platform Mobile Apps All Have Their Place
Forrester mentions Alpha Anywhere as a solution that will "avoid direct native development entirely and instead provide tooling for designing robust web applications." Read Report 

The Offline Mobile Challenge
In their discussion of offline as "the most important yet expensive" mobile app requirements, Forrester analysts call out the Alpha Anywhere low-code platform for its very robust offline solution for HTML5 implementations.

New Development Platforms Emerge for Customer-Facing Applications
Forrester analysts highlight Alpha Software as a vendor attracting attention in an emerging category - low-code platforms - that supports rapid assembly of customer-facing applications, requiring minimal hand-coding and enabling productive new development practices.


Predictions 2015: Mobile development Goes Composable, Contextual, and Cross-Touchpoint
Forrester predicts that business rules, complex event processing services, and rules will drive continued movement of low-code platforms and lists three solutions, including Alpha Anywhere.

Brief: How Enterprise Architects Can Empower the Business to Create Mobile Apps Faster
Analysts call out two low-code solutions, one being Alpha Anywhere, for business-based mobile development. Analysts state that these solutions "help the business move faster by enabling nontechnical users to build front-end mobile app logic with no coding skills required" and allow "mobile teams to share prototypes quickly between business users, designers, and developers, reducing manual processes that often slow development."

Choose the Right Mobile Development Solutions
Alpha Anywhere is included as one of five solutions mentioned by the analysts for device-centric rapid app development. The report explains that these solutions "use simple data access metaphors and lightweight on-device databases to build apps that can work without Internet connections or that synchronize data back to a master database management system (DBMS)." 

IDC on Alpha back to top

The Mobile App Development Software Landscape: Mobile- and Nonmobile-Specific Options Align to Business Needs, 2020 

Alpha Software is mentioned as a key mobile application development software company. 

IDC's Worldwide Software Taxonomy, 2017 

Alpha Software is mentioned as a key enterprise application development software company. 

Worldwide Nonrelational Database Management Systems Software Market Shares, 2016: Addressing New Workloads 

Alpha Software is mentioned as a top player in this segment and as one of the venodrswith products that are  "very stable and provide reliable utility for many users." 

Central and Eastern Europe Mobile Enterprise Application Development Platform 2016–2020 Forecast 

Alpha Software is mentioned as a key enterprise application development software company.

Negotiating the Mobile Disruption: Approaches for Multiplatform Application Development 

Analyst Al Hilwa calls out Alpha Software as an "End-to-End Model-Driven Application Platform." He explains, "These tools offer cohesive development environments and platforms for integrated front-end and back- end application development. The tools aim to provide the most productive and agile development for mobile applications often through the use of proprietary application development environments, front- end and back-end runtime platforms, and an integrated set of services that work cohesively to reduce developer effort."  

Worldwide Mobile Enterprise Application Development Platform 2014 - 2018 Forecast & 2013 Vendor Shares Analysts call out Alpha Software as a growing company in the the mobile enterprise application development platform market (enterprise MADP) . 

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Ovum on Alpha back to top

On the Radar: Alpha Software - Rapid/low-code mobile application development and deployment with Alpha Anywhere 

Analyst Michael Azoff writes, "Why Put Alpha Anywhere on Your Radar? Alpha Anywhere offers businesses of all sizes a fast and painless way to deliver many of the mobile apps they need to make effective use of their corporate assets. The solution will suit organizations that demand secure and offline access to information with a good user experience, but that are concerned about the cost and capabilities normally needed to deliver, deploy, and maintain them." Read Report

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Mobile Centers of Excellence - A Marketing Term or a Very Useful Enterprise Tool? 

Analyst Tony Rizzo writes: "Alpha Software may offer the very best in enterprise-grade rapid mobile app development platforms." Read Article