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Build offline-capable apps with ease and turn the smartphone into a productivity tool.

The  unique challenges and timeliness of mining apps around worker safety, technology and vehicle tracking, and brass-in/brass-out require industry knowledge and urgency that not all vendors understand. 

The majority of work in the mining industry is done deep in the earth, where cell service and WiFi are unavailable. In this case, a mobile or web app isn't really a valid business app if it doesn't work offline.

Alpha Software has helped major mining companies and their suppliers build safety, inspection, equipment tracking and brass-in/brass-out apps that capture and deliver critical mining data anytime, anywhere.  

Mining Case Study

Read how one leading mining company built a cross-platform, offline equipment inspection app that increased worker safety, data accuracy and employee productivity.


Major mining companies around the world are digitizing paper processes and turning the smartphone into a business productivity tool using Alpha Software products.
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Allow users of all skill levels to digitize mining processes and turn the smartphone into a business productivity tool.

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Capture Rich Data on Workers' Smartphones


Integrate with Existing Systems and Worflows


Apps that Work Offline

Alpha Software gets perfect scores from serious users on top product review sites.
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Why Customers Choose Alpha


Alpha Software

Fast Onboarding to the Platform

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Support for Citizen Development

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Ability to Add Code as Needed

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Speed of Developing/Updating Apps

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Ease of Data Integration

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Robust Offline Capability

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Built-in Analytics and Reporting

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Handling and Storage of Large Image, Audio and Video Files

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Built-in Mobile Optimized Forms Builder

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Predictable Pricing

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Easy as 1-2-3


Build Mining Apps in Minutes, Without Limits

Alpha Software products speed development for all users in mining companies. They help non-developers easily build business productivity apps, speed routine coding for experienced developers, The software has built-in genies that speed data integration, offline capability and security. But, Alpha Anywhere always gives experienced developers the ability to add code to satisfy critical enterprise security, workflow or integration requirements. We call this "coding-optional" - and it's critical for the mining industry, where key requirements must be in place to ensure worker safety and compliance.


dark mine.jpgAlpha Software allows developers to quickly build, test, deploy and update critical apps that:     

  • Increase equipment and miner efficiency
  • Improve worker safety
  • Streamline personnel functions
  • Reduce evacuation drill expense
  • Enable VOD using real time data
  • Optimize using real time and historical event reports. 

machinist.jpgWhy do Alpha Software products consistently get perfect scores from customers?

  • Easy to Use and Standards Based - Allows a wide range of business users and experienced developers to dramatically increase productivity and contribute to digitizing business processes.
  • Front-End and Back-End Control over Apps - Enables built-in offline capability, rich data integration, security, as well as prototyping and deployment in a single environment.
  • Coding-Optional – Allows a wide range of non-technical users to develop mobile apps, while insuring that seasoned developers can always add code, if needed.
  • Outstanding UX - Uses a single code base to drive responsive apps with the latest mobile features (voice, images, video, ink, mapping and more) on all size mobile devices & the desktop.
  • Predictable Pricing - Offers cost-effective pricing and flexible deployment models that saves on development and deployments costs, while enabling future scalibility.

Ask the Right Questions!

To remain competitive, mining companies must gain efficiences, save on costs, and digitize existing processes. As your organization evaluates vendors, there are key questions to ask that can save you from big costs and unwanted surprises down the line.

When you hear: "We do offline."

Understand that all "offline" capabilities are not equal. Be sure to ask: 

  • Can your solution do data synchronization and intelligent conflict resolution (aside from "last-in wins"? 

If the answer is "No," then it means your apps will likely have severe limitations that could hurt your ability to intelligently capture, store and sync data.

When you hear: "We can connect to data."

Data integration is one of the most difficult and important aspects of app development. Be sure to ask: 

  • Does your software easily connect to common data sources such as REST services, JSON Data, XML, SOAP and oData without extensive coding?

If the answer is "No," you'll likely burn a lot of time and money on data integration and security issues.

When you hear: "We're cross-platform."

Understand that responsive isn't necessarily cross-platform. Be sure to ask: 

  • Do your apps offer a native-like experience on desktops, tablets and even the smallest smartphone screens?

If the answer is "No," then customized keyboards, one-handed data entry and other outstanding smartphone user experiences will be sacrificed.

Read how one leading mining company built an offline, fully-integrated, cross-platform equipment inspection app that increased worker safety, data accuracy and employee productivity.

Read the Case Study
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Sajil Sidharthan, Equipment Rentals Systems Manager, Al Reyami Construction

"Alpha Anywhere has been an ideal enterprise development platform for us, and has become our system of record for all development work, including mobile apps.."

Bachir Yazbek.png_256.png
Bachir Yazbek, Head of Project Control, Zerock Construction

"Without Alpha Anywhere, I would have had to outsource development to an outside software company because we needed a sophisticated system with a strong back-end, and we couldn't have built that ourselves. But with Alpha were able to do it. We've saved at least 50% in costs and time.."

Nikos Kazantzis, Group Head of Systems Integration, Hayat

"The low-code approach really paid off for us. We had many different project requirements in different countries and regions, and with Alpha Anywhere we could quickly adapt to specific needs in each geographic area."


“Alpha Software has robust enterprise integration capabilities & rich client-side workflow & custom logic creation in its coding-optional development tool...”
– Gartner Magic Quadrant, Mobile Application Development Platforms, June 2016

"We were surprised how easy it was to develop our first app. We are now making the platform available to other lines of business for them to develop their own apps.”
— Operations Manager, Major Mining Company