Mobile Web Apps Are In -- The Wall Street Journal Joins the Party

Today, the Wall Street Journal ran a story with the headline, "CIOs Prefer Mobile Web Software Over Native Mobile Apps." The article joins the chorus of editors, bloggers, industry analysts and CIOs singing the praises of mobile web apps and hybrid mobile apps.

That's why we are 100 percent confident that Alpha Anywhere is the right development and deployment platform for business. It allows both HTML5 mobile web and hybrid apps to be built, and then run on mobile devices and all types of personal computers. The Journal writes:
CIOs tell CIO Journal that they prefer to build software accessible via a device's web browser because browser-based applications are easier and less costly to develop and maintain."  

Mobile web apps built with Alpha Anywhere provide developers with the path of least resistance in becoming mobile capable

Noted enterprise mobile industry analyst Stacy Crook of IDC tells the Wall Street Journal, "Paying for platform specialists can be expensive for CIOs who already have web developers on staff...."  The article goes on to quote several CIOs who make the strong case for mobile web apps over native.

This is exactly what we said when we launched Alpha Anywhere late last month. CIOs need to use the developers they have to bring their companies into the mobile era. And, they need to build quality apps quickly. That is what Alpha Anywhere is designed to do -- to meet the needs of CIOs who are under duress and must meet the demand for mobile applications.

Mobile computing is having a profound and mostly positive effect on companies and there are two fundamentally different approaches they can take: Have separate teams build native apps for the various major, mobile platforms and for the desktop/notebook web (because PCs and notebooks will be critical in business for a long, long time); 0r have one team build the application in HTML5. We think the right answer is clear. The challenge then becomes reducing the complexity and improving the productivity of building web solutions.

We have the the solution to that challenge.
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