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Thread: Sub String Search

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    Default Sub String Search

    It has been many years since I did this. I'm trying to create a button to do a search on a field where the user can search by entering a few letters and find all records that contain those letters. Did it a long time ago and forgot how.

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    Default Re: Sub String Search

    Hi Fred,
    Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to the board!

    Have you looked at the Customer form example in AlphaSports using dropdown controls?

    An alternative is to define a variable for your form (I call mine 'SearchFor') then add a type-in field using this variable on the form. The form will need to be ordered by the field you want to search. If this is always the same you can set that field in the form properties. Otherwise you can add another variable for a combo box with a list of the fields the user might want to search by (I call mine - you guessed 'Searchby'). The OnChange event of this variable will set the index the form uses. Then the OnDepart event for the SearchFor field can run a topparent.find(var->searchfor) to locate your record.

    Let me know if you need an example.
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    Default Re: Sub String Search

    I would appreciate and example of that.

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    Default Re: Sub String Search

    If you truly mean "find all records that contain those" rather than "find all records that begin with those" then you need to query for search_string $ field_name.

    On the AlphaSports customer information form you could have a button

    search_for = ui_get_text("Search","Enter characters to be found"+crlf()+"anywhere in the last name field.","abc")
    if alltrim(search_for) > ""
    	tbl = table.current()
    	tbl.query_create("N",quote(search_for)+" $ lastname","lastname")
    end if
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    Default Re: Sub String Search

    Hi Fred,
    I attached an example that might be what you are looking for. It searches customers with a progressive lookup that starts with two characters typed into the find text field. Hope this helps.
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