Classes that can be created from Xbasic.

A5DNS Namespace
The A5DNS namespace is used to manage DNS settings for service APIs such as Amazon AWS Route53. Route53 is currently the only implementation of A5DNS, but we expect to add others.
A5Queueing Namespace
Classes that support queueing services like AWS SQS, Azure StorageQueues and RabbitMQ.
A5Storage Namespace
API for working with Storage connections.
Alpha5 Namespace
Helpers for Color definition and StringDictionary.
AlphaCloud Namespace
The AlphaCloud namespace is used to provision resources on Alpha Cloud as part of a SaaS (Software as a Service) application. In this way, an Alpha Anywhere web application can be used to provision new web sites, security applications (groups of users and roles) and application deployments.
Charting Namespace
Wrapper for dotnet data visualization and SVG conversion.
CSS Namespace
Classes in the CSS Namespace.
DotNet Namespace
DotNet classes to load and use DotNet Assemblies.
Extension Namespace
Namespace for JSON, BSON, document database, Curl and oAuth helpers.
Helper Namespace
Helper methods for Html Processing.
INET Namespace
Socket and SSL support classes.
NodeServices Namespace
System Helper classes implemented in node.
Office Namespace
Classes to read and write Excel documents and example Pages.
QRCode Namespace
QRCode Generation class - create QRCode images from text.
Reporting Namespace
Classes to generate Reports and Report Charts.
Root Xbasic Classes
Top-level Xbasic classes found in the global namespace.
SQL Namespace
Classes to connect to SQL datasources.
Type Namespace
Classes that represent Xbasic Type Metadata.
USPS Namespace
USPS code generation class.
Util Namespace
Timer utility classes to track performance.
VisualStyle Namespace
Classes to store styling for Layout Table Reports.
WorldPayAPI Namespace
Payment processing classes for working with WorldPayAPI.