Report topics in Alpha Anywhere:

Report Overview
An overview of the capabilities of Reporting in Alpha Anywhere.
Getting Started with Reports
Learn about the Report Editor and how to work with reports with different types of data sources.
Creating Reports
Creating reports
Report Structure
A Report is divided into several sections with headers and footers. These sections are the Report, Detail, and Groups sections.
Ordering and Selecting Records
You can specify the order and selection criteria for the records that appear in your report either:
Grouping Related Records
Topics include: grouping levels, creating and removing groups, groups inside of groups, creating a group break expression, ordering records in a group.
Headers and Footers
A new report automatically has a Report Header and a Page Footer.
Linked and Sub Reports
Methods for creating sub-reports or linking other reports into a report.
Adding System and Calculated Fields
Adding calculated and system fields to reports, such as page numbers and running totals.
Printing Techniques
Techniques for layout out fields and lines in reports, including suppressing space and handling data that spans multiple lines or pages.
Design Techniques
Tips and techniques for designing reports.
Generating Reports
Printing, emailing, and faxing reports.
Managing Reports
Copying, archiving, and working with report preferences.
Quick Reports
Building reports with the Quick Report Genie
Layout Table Reports
Learn how to create and use Layout Table Reports.
Using Reports Created in SQL Server Reporting Services in an Alpha Anywhere Project
Many organizations use SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and have a number of reports that were developed in SSRS. Using these reports in an Alpha Anywhere application is now possible using the SSRS integration features in Alpha Anywhere.
Table of Contents, Bookmarks, Index
Adding a table of contents, bookmarks, or an index to a long report makes it easier to navigate. The report builder has a variety of tools for adding bookmarks, a table of contents, or an index to any freeform or layout table report.