Announcing Alpha SwiftSuccess

Become Self-Sufficient at Mobile App Development in 16 Weeks 

Gain Mobile Development Self-Sufficiency Via Our Hands-On Methodology

While low-code platforms promise apps fast, it takes many months to become proficient on these platforms. Alpha Software is radically different - our focus is getting YOU proficient at mobile app development - FAST .

In 16 weeks, Alpha SwiftSuccess makes your team completely self-sufficient in Mobile App Development,  At the conclusion, you will have a high-value pilot application developed by Alpha experts, reusable assets and a development team who have completed their own first application under the guidance of our mentors.

The Alpha SwiftSuccess Plan

A Complete Package of Services, Technology & Training to Realize Fast ROI

             Weeks 1-4            

             Weeks 5-7            

             Weeks 8-16            

Pilot App
Development & Training

Deployment, Testing & Feedback

Hands-on Team Development with Mentoring Support

Development of Your Next App

RESULT:  Self-Sufficient in 16 Weeks!

Alpha SwiftSuccess includes:

  • Licenses - Receive the necessary licenses for building and deploying your applications
  • Definition - We'll work with you to detail the features and requirements to ensure that the app(s) meets all of your needs
  • Training & Mentoring - Arm your developers with the skills to build additional applications
  • Mentoring - Help your team get started with your new app
  • Development -Build your pilot app to jump-start your development with reusable assets
  • End-to-end deployment - Set up your environment, deploy your new app, and guide you through the Apple AppStore and GooglePlay submission process
  • Fast ROI - The combination of technology and services helps you realize value in weeks

Fast Track Your App Development Proficiency 

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