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Jumpstart Your Alpha Anywhere Trial:
Jumpstart Videos

Welcome to Alpha Anywhere

Alpha Anywhere has wide and deep capabilities, but by watching these 5 videos first will provide you a high-level overview and jumpstart your first app build in Alpha Anywhere. If you have any questions - Live Chat with Us.

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Video 1: Introduction to Alpha Anywhere

Business application are composed of a complex system of databases, servers, and devices. Creating applications the traditional way is time consuming and requires developers with many different skill sets. This makes serving the full needs of a modern business very expensive. Discover how Alpha Anywhere lets you use one tool to develop all parts of an application quickly without the need to write native code.

Video 2: Alpha Anywhere Orientation

Take a brief tour through the Alpha Anywhere Developer Edition and learn about the tools available to you for building mobile, web, or desktop applications. Discover how files are organized in a project using the Web Projects Control Panel and learn about the variety web components for building applications including the UX Component, the core building block for creating mobile apps in Alpha Anywhere.

Video 3: Quick Demo of Creating an App

Discover what it feels like to build a mobile application in Alpha Anywhere in this sped-up screen cast. This is a quick demonstration of creating a mobile app that supports multiple device layouts in Alpha Anywhere.

Video 4: Installation and Startup

Whether you are using the Trial Version or have an Alpha Anywhere Subscription, this video will walk you through the installation process and explain how to create your first workspace in Alpha Anywhere. During this process, you will create the folders where workspaces are stored and configure the Alpha Anywhere startup environment. When you are finished, you will be ready to begin building your first web application.

Video 5: Photo App Tutorial

Follow along with Dan Bricklin and build your first mobile application with Alpha Anywhere. In this step-by-step tutorial, you'll build an application that lets you take pictures with your mobile device and save them to a SQL database. The application you build can also be used as a starting point for your own mobile application.

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