Customized Pumpjack Inspection App

Speed field equipment inspections using any smartphone

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Pumpjack Inspection App

The Alpha Pumpjack Pro App is pre-built for the oil industry, optimized for powering pumpjack inspections using a mobile device - even when offline at a remote oil field location.

This Pumpjack Pro App provides a collaborative inspection list optimized for the smartphones you carry in your pocket everyday. It provides a template for oil companies looking to take their pumpjack inspection process mobile, and allows for future expansion and continued customization for any oil company's needs.

  • Speed data capture and accuracy in the field
  • Allow workers to capture audio and photos within the app on the mobile phones they already carry
  • Works at a remote oil field sites without cellular or WiFi connection
  • Takes advantage of the device hardware including camera, GPS and audio recorder
  • Easy to update and evolve the app as needed

The Pumpjack Pro App  features: 

  •  Mobile optimized interface, including pass/fail buttons, for easy data entry
  • Offline functionality which includes data entry and image capture 
  • Google Maps for location information
  • Indicator meters
  • A popup cheat sheet
  • Signature capture control
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