Technical Overview Webinar

Custom Programming on the Client- and Server-Side


Webinar: Technical Overview of Client- and Server-Side Custom Programming 

One of Alpha Anywhere's major strengths is that you can get apps built rapidly without having to do any programming. But, conversely, another one of its most critical benefits is that it gives you the ability to program on both the client and server-side whenever you want or need to, so that you can fully customize your applications. 

Part One 
An Introduction to Xbasic and Server-Side Programming for Building Mobile and Web Applications with Alpha Anywhere 
Join Selwyn Rabins—Alpha Software's Co-founder and President—as he provides an introduction to Alpha's extremely rich and powerful server-side programming language, Xbasic. In this webinar, you'll learn how to write your own custom .A5W pages and event handlers, and you'll come to understand how you can harness Xbasic's power for your own web development efforts. 

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Part Two 
Using Xbasic to Interact with SQL Databases 
Learn how to write server-side code for interacting with SQL databases in order to create applications with complex data connections that operate quickly. 

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Part Three 
Using JavaScript for the UX Component 
Learn how to use JavaScript for client-side validation, calculations and responsive application design 


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Presented by:
Selwyn Rabins, President, Alpha Software Corporation

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