Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps:

How to Add Artificial Intelligence Capabilities to Your Mobile Apps

Adding Artificial Intelligence to Your Mobile Apps

Artificial intelligence (AI) is going to be the next big thing in mobile. We've already seen the impact of better search engines, natural language processing and voice recognition have had on business apps. Now, more affordable sensors, rich real-time data, and powerful analysis tools are powering the next generation of mobile apps.

As businesses begin to collect data from these sensors, AI will analyze it and inform employees about what to do next. With these new capabilities, the enterprise workplace has changed. Employees have moved away from desktop PCs, paper-based clipboards and are transacting more business utilizing mobile devices. Traditional business application developers must think in terms of mobile apps when they think of AI.

This white paper will help you think through some of the key market factors. It suggests technology starting points and business examples for embedding artificial intelligence in your next mobile app:

Why the Time for Smart Apps is Now

Market data, processor advancements and sensor production advancements have made AI-powered mobile apps an everyday reality. Discusses how AI applications, virtual assistants, speech recognition, voice search and more have dramatically changed how people will interface with apps.

Rethinking Enterprise Apps: Combining AI, Sensors and Mobile Apps

Practical examples of how companies are leveraging AI and machine learning with input from sensors to power better business apps.

A Starting Point: Applying AI to Mobile UI

Suggestions on how developers can start embedding AI into their mobile applications to improve user experiences and decrease churn. Explains basic computer science starting points, and how to test user behavior.

Embedding AI in Mobile Apps

Steps that developers should take to begin polishing their knowledge of AI technology and AI APIs for app development. Includes detailed links to resources. Also highlights a mobile app development company doing this type of wide-ranging work.
Democratizing Mobile App Development

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development

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