"Best Practices for Establishing a Mobile Center of Excellence"

The Latest MCoE Data Insights and Recommendations for Success

CIO Report on Mobile Centers of Excellence: 10 Best Practices

Building modern business apps is hard stuff. Resources and budgets are tighter than ever, skilled mobile developers are hard to find and end-user expectations have never been higher.  

Nearly half of the executives surveyed said that at least 50% of their software projects, including mobile apps, fail — they are either over budget, late, don’t meet expectations or need to be reworked.”

“Gartner noted that in large organizations with an established MCoE, 30% of mobile projects bypassed the MCoE, despite management directives requiring lines of business to consult with it on app projects.”

Mobile Centers of Excellence (MCoE) are becoming standard in a majority of midsize to large organizations. Companies report that a successful MCoE can help with financial health, reduce the number of technologies in use, define proper standards, insure proper QA and testing and spread best practices. But for success, an MCoE must have the right blend of IT and business talent represented, must have executive sponsorship with a clear charter and more.  

If your organization is going to get serious about creating mobile apps — you need to thoughtfully assemble a strong team, and organize them in a way that helps them work effectively and efficiently. We’ve aggregated a wealth of MCoE research, analyst advice and real-world MCoE case studies into a master list of 10 best practices for MCoE success.

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