Alpha Anywhere enters Southern Africa with InterSoft - the leading supplier of IT/developer books in the region

Alpha Software serves developers all over of the world; approximately 50% of our customers outside the USA

Mobile is a global phenomena with rapidly growing usage of mobile devices for businesses in all countries (a fascinating slide deck prepared by Mary Meeker is shown here that is full of trends and data.)  In terms of Africa, one of the most important regions is Southern Africa, with South Africa as the powerhouse. (As an aside both Selwyn Rabins and I grew up in Johannesburg before coming to Boston to study at MIT.)

For this reason, it was of great interest to us when, a leading distributor of IT and computer books in South Africa, contacted us about potentially being a partner to introduce Alpha Anywhere into the region.

With our announcement of Alpha Anywhere today in Boston, we are happy to announce this important international partnership which was covered in IT ONLINE,  a leading IT publication in South Africa.

Ronald Woolf, one of the two directors of Intersoft had this to say about Alpha Anywhere:

“We are excited to be partnering with Alpha, to bring Alpha Anywhere to the Southern African market. It uniquely meets a critical need for developers who have to rapidly build powerful data-driven business applications that run on all modern smart phones and personal computers,” says director Ronald Woolf of Intersoft Computer books, Publishing & Distribution. “We have entered the post PC era and there are enormous opportunities for developers in our region using Alpha Anywhere to take advantage of this fundamental shift in computing.”

As a leading computer book distributor, Intersoft patners with:

  • John Wiley & Sons ("Wiley") Technology ,

  •  O'Reilly, whose title range boasting the well-known "Missing Manuals" and 'Head First' series, is respected throughout the world by intermediate and advanced users. The Microsoft Press imprint is also marketed by O'Reilly and includes the well-known "Step-by-Step" series and "Self-Paced Training Kits" designed for self-study or face-to-face training, targeting school leavers and IT professionals wanting to enhance their skills and/or planning to take the Microsoft international certification exam,

  • McGraw Hill,  

  • Microsoft Learning: 

  •  GMetrix creates exam preparation software for Office 2007 and

  •  Intersoft Publishing  which is the publishing division of Intersoft. Intersoft reprinted and modified its first titles under license in 1997. The division has localised the TMG series and the Dummies series specifically for the Southern African market.

All Things Digital, The Wall Street Journal's Arm for Covering Technology, writes about Alpha Anywhere and Dan Bricklin Joining Alpha
Alpha Anywhere Application running under PhoneGap on a Samsung mobile device

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Innovation continuing at a fast Pace. Announcing Alpha Anywhere
Innovation continuing at a fast Pace. Announcing Alpha Anywhere


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