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Help Alpha's Own Clifton Rabins Win Top Dog

Alpha Software Fast Company has gone to the dogs. In honor of Pet Week, the publication is launching its first-annual America's Next Top Office Dog (ANTOD) competition and I’m proud to announce that Alpha’s very own Director of Sniff Testing Clifton Rabins has been nominated. Clifton is nominated in the “More to Love” category, which honors dogs that are too big to fit in a briefcase. We might be a little biased here at Alpha, but we think there’s a lot to love about Clifton. He’s been a part of our team since 2001 and serves an important role as the final step in our rigorous quality testing process. Clifton has even been asked to train other companies’ top dogs in his sniff test procedure. How does his process work? Finished code is presented to Clifton, and if he wags his tail and licks the USB stick, the software is ready to ship; But, if he pushes it away with his nose, it’s put back in the quality testing process for some serious debugging. And, he has a variety of other jobs, from greeting customers and visitors to the office, to the valuable role of cleaning up leftover pizza after meetings. Clifton also regularly joins employees for lunchtime walks in the park. But, it’s not all fun and games – he keeps meetings on track by barking at anything that takes us off task. Fast Company has opened judging up to the public and we invite you to please help Clifton win Best in Show. Voting is simple. Just go to this link, scroll down to the “More to Love” category, click on Clifton’s profile and submit your vote. Please cast your vote by Friday. You can follow Clifton on Twitter @CliftonRabins and join in the conversation using #TopDog Alpha Software
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