IBM Tech-Trends Survey finds Skills Gap Greatest in Mobile Business Application Development - Great Opportunity for Alpha Anywhere Developers!

Skills gap creating huge challenges in mobile business application development.

Alpha Anywhere empowers a broad base of developers (in addition to offering productivity,) creating a great opportunity for developers!

When you read the IBM survey below (in green), it becomes increasingly clear that IT professionals who are making technology decisions for companies are anxious to deliver competitive advantages through the deployment of mobile business applications.

It is also clear that the skill level required to built these applications is high. See this video from Dan Bricklin, Alpha's CTO, who outlines the challenges.

As a result, a real supply/demand gap has formed. History teaches us that when there is a shortage, there will always be an opportunity for those who have some kind of advantage, to benefit

At Alpha, once we realized, about three years ago, how many "moving parts" were involved in building mobile business applications and what the challenges were going to be, we saw an exciting opportunity to help empower our customers to build these applications rapidly.

For this reason, we started working on Alpha Anywhere with the mission of creating a powerful and complete rapid application development and deployment platform for web and mobile applications that did not require developers have an unrealistic portfolio of skills.  Based on customer feedback, we have succeeded.

So what does this mean today for Alpha developers of protective Alpha developers ?

Invest the modest (compared to other alternatives) time to learn Alpha Anywhere and you will have a serious competitive advantage, and will be in a great position to capitalize on this "skills gap"  - whether you are working in a company, are part of a software consultancy or are an entrepreneur with a SaaS idea looking to take advantage of the platform shift that mobile represents.


August 24, 2013

The IBM Tech Trends report is based on a survey of more than 1,200 professionals who make technology decisions for their organizations (22 percent IT managers, 53 percent IT practitioners, and 25 percent business professionals). Our respondents come from 16 different industries and 13 countries, spanning both major and growth markets.

I was surprised that mobile is the largest gap, followed by Cloud.  While there is a gap in Social, of the Big 4, it is the best one.

Thoughts?  Any surprises to you?!


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