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Recently we hosted a technical conference to give customers a behind-the-scenes look at Alpha Anywhere, our new HTML5 mobile app development and deployment platform. One of the most informative presentations was delivered by Jared Spool, founder of User Interface Engineering, who talked about the importance of an intuitive user experience in business application and mobile website development.

Check out Jared's full presentation on intuitive UX design here:
Mobile website development UX design
In order for any application to be successful, a great user experience is required. Alpha Anywhere gives you the cross platform business app and mobile website development tools you need to rapidly build that great UX that will keep users coming back. But, what is an intuitive user interface? According to Jared, the criteria includes:

  • Allows the user to be focused on their objective
  • It is invisible
  • It is personal
  • Current knowledge of the user = target knowledge required
  • Focuses on experience
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