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Forrester:The Expanding Role Of Mobility In Workplace- Alpha Anywhere

by Mark D. Flanagan I think that you'll find the attached report from Forrester Research and Cisco Systems on mobile app development and deployment in the enterprise, entitled "The Expanding Role Of Mobility In The Workplace", a worthwhile read. As Alpha Software has been emphasizing for quite some time,  and we're now beginning to see in dramatic fashion, the impact of Mobility on organizations of all sizes is going to be transformative. As a result, the development team at Alpha Software has been working continuously to ensure that the Alpha Five platform provides developers with all of the features and capabilities they need to create innovative business applications once and then run them, not only on tablets and smart phones, but on the latest desktop PCs and laptops as well, in the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Read the full report on enterprise mobile app development from Forrester Research and Cisco Systems

Please let the folks at Alpha Software know what you think of the attached report and, as always, how they can help you develop the business applications that users are now demanding - applications that will enable them to access the information that they need to do their work, anytime, anywhere, on any smart computing device. Mark D. Flanagan is currently a Strategic Advisor to Alpha Software and the Founder/CEO of Twin Peaks Research, a company that will be providing training and support for developers using Alpha Five. Previously, he was a Co-founder/CEO of TEAMworks Software, eVisioner, Envox Worldwide and Brooktrout Software as well as a senior executive at International Data Group, Kurzweil Applied Intelligence, International Data Group, Lotus Development Corp. and General Computer. Mark can be contacted at
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