New in Alpha Anywhere V4: Search Highlighting

We've just announced the release of Alpha Anywhere V4, the latest version of our top-rated Rapid Mobile App Development & Deployment Platform. In total, Alpha Anywhere V4 includes more than 100 new features. In the video below we'll take a closer look at one such feature, Search Highlighting in a List Control.

Search Highlighting makes it easy for your users, when they perform searches, to see why a given record is included in the search results. This is accomplished by highlighting the matching characters in each record that is displayed. Watch the video below to see how Search Highlighting works and how you can easily enable this new feature in your Alpha Anywhere applications.

Click here to explore everything that is new in Alpha Anywhere V4, including speed-related performance enhancements, new features in Mobile Optimized Forms & Offline, as well as the new IIS server

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