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Building a SaaS Business - Part One


You’ve seen it everywhere. Everyone’s talking about it. It’s the hot new buzzword, and has quickly grown to a multi-billion dollar industry.

We decided to do a two part series on why SaaS is important to today’s entrepreneur, and how Alpha Anywhere can help you build a successful SaaS business using your domain knowledge and our expertise!

Part One – What is SaaS and why should I know about it?

SaaS, which is short for “Software as a Service”, has revolutionized the way software is deployed and sold.

You may be used to the “traditional model” where consumers install software that they buy either in the form of a download or as a physical package (such as a CD-ROM or a Flash Drive). If you are in the B2B market, then you may be used to having to install and maintain expensive IT hardware in-house to host enterprise applications for businesses.

Well, those days and all of their inefficiencies are going the way of the caveman. With SaaS, your software product comes with a ‘service’ to the user. The service generally being secure and efficient cloud hosting that allows users to access your software product via web browsers or mobile devices. No installations, no updates, no local maintenance and no geographical or logistical limitations.

So what else is cool about the SaaS model?

  •  Reduced overhead means costs go down and the ability to scale quickly goes up
  •  Prices become more competitive and reflective of a user’s actual needs and usage
  • The ease of user provisioning combined with lower costs means more potential customers that can try the application – even for free in many cases!
  •  A single and consistently updated version of software ensures compatibility, easier administration, seamless product updates, and a superior product. Together with multi tenancy, this offers excellent value to vendors and customers
  • Users can access the application from any internet connected device – mobile or otherwise
LinkedIn, Dropbox, Google Apps, HubSpot and SurveyMonkey are few of the hundreds of successful SaaS products that we are familiar with. However, this is a multi-billion dollar software market that offers ease of entry and a global audience at your doorstep – it only makes sense to capitalize on that, and use your domain knowledge to build your own SaaS business. As companies and consumers continue to realize the benefits of SaaS, there’s no time like today to build and distribute your own SaaS products.

In Part Two of our SaaS series, we will explain how Alpha Anywhere will soon make it extremely easy to not only prototype and built a SaaS application, but also learn how to make the right decisions when it comes to hosting & scaling, user acquisition, sales & marketing, customer management and many other topics crucial to the success of a SaaS business. Stay tuned, and check out to read some success stories in the meanwhile! If you are in the Boston area, we'd love to see you and continue the discussion at one of our SaaS Boston Meetup events.
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