Using SQLite Databases In Your HTML5 PhoneGap Apps

SQLite html5 hybrid mobile apps

Alpha Anywhere enables you to rapidly build HTML5 PhoneGap applications by tightly integrating PhoneGap Build throughout the IDE. One of the advantages of this integration is the ability to utilize SQLite databases in the cross platform mobile apps you build. In these two videos, we’ll go over what you need to know so that you can start integrating SQLite into your hybrid PhoneGap apps.

UX component has extensive support for working with SQLite databases in PhoneGap applications. A common requirement when building PhoneGap applications is to include pre-populated SQLite database files as part of your PhoneGap project. These pre-populated database files can contain large amounts of data. Since they are part of the PhoneGap project, the data in these database files will be immediately available to your application when it is loaded, even if there is no connection.

Setting up SQLite in Your HTML5 PhoneGap Apps

In this video we show how the PhoneGap Builder allows you to define the pre-populated SQLite database files to include in your PhoneGap project.

Working with SQLite Databases in Your Hybrid Applications

Action JavaScript has actions that make it easy to work with a SQLite database on a mobile device. In this video we demonstrate various actions that can be performed with the Action Javascript SQLite action.