325 Million Sites run using Microsoft IIS – The Alpha Anywhere Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS is a big deal – here’s why.


Performance, security, control, load handling, standards and flexibility are all key factors that Companies and Developers care  about when it comes to deploying business applications that users depend on.

That is why we embarked on a major initiative at Alpha to take advantage of the proven capabilities of Microsoft IIS in the above areas in Alpha Anywhere.

We are delighted with the results and the feedback we have received from beta testers over the past months and wanted to give you more information on the Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS

​General Overview of Benefits

​Installation Guide

​Major Strides in Server Utilization

Connect to any Authentication and Authorization System

​Technical Overview of Benefits

To See how you can qualify for the Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS – please contact marketing@alphasoftware.com