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The latest iPad - Why is it so significant?

If you are a developer of business apps or you are business looking to improve efficiency and competitiveness through the adoption of mobile technology, this article by Ben Bajarin from Creative Strategies may be one of the most important articles you will read in some time!

The key point of the article is summarized below.

"What most miss about the new iPad’s upside is the opportunity to extend computing to areas where it was not prevalent before. The PC, in the shape of a desktop and notebook, is an efficient design and has evolved to be specific to its purpose. Those two form factors are the best computers for deep work done sitting down. The PC in the shape of a tablet is not specifically designed to replace the desktop or notebook for those who sit down all day to work. There is, however, something the iPad is designed to replace that mobile field workers use frequently–the clipboard."

Stay tuned to hear about what we are doing at Alpha with Alpha Anywhere in this regard!
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