Digital Construction Sites and Mobile Construction Apps

How Mobile Technologies Can Dramatically Improve Construction Operations  


Construction companies know they need to tap into the digital revolution but, to date, have been unable to in a meaningful way. A survey from PlanGrid and FMI found that more than 35 percent of the time of construction professionals time is spent on unproductive activities including looking for project information, and dealing with mistakes and rework. Furthermore, a U.S. Chamber of Commerce Commercial Construction Index survey found that a bare 11 percent of contractors say worksites are very efficient.

Using mobile technology to digitizing processes and data collection, and enable collaboration in the field and the office, will offer many benefits to construction firms, including making existing workers highly efficient and offer other tremendous benefits to construction firms. In addition, investing in mobile technology can help make site workers more productive amid the industry's labor shortage, overcoming a key challenge in the industry and favorably impacting the bottom line.


Get Practical Steps to Achieve Digital Construction Sites at Your Organization 

This white paper looks into the business and technical challenges that have held construction companies back, offers a compelling case for moving to digital, and offers practical advice for making digitized construction sites a reality at your organization.

  • The reasons construction companies have been slow to adopt digital technologies
  • Combatting construction's biggest challenge with digital and mobile technology
  • Initial steps you can take towards digital work sites, including construction apps, for your organization
  • Should you build or buy digital technologies - 8 critical criteria to consider
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Digital Construction Sites: The Role of Mobile Apps

Alpha Solutions for Construction

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AlphaTransForm is the ideal construction safety and project management software for the construction industry. It lets companies build applications that tie job sites directly to back-office operations. Construction workers can improve logistics and workplace safety, make sure that construction documents are always within reach, and cut down on mistakes and rework. In addition, mobile apps can streamline inspections, inspect safety measures, dramatically improve data collection and make document management easier.

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