Enabling the Digital Oil Field: The Role of Mobile Apps

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Steps to Improve Oil Field Operations with Mobile Technology

The“Digital Oil Field” (and “Digital Transformation”) has become a buzzword in the oil & gas industry. The Digital Oil Field centers on effectively capturing extensive amounts of data, organizing it in ways that can be easily consumed by a wider proportion of the business, and actively using it for better decision-making on a daily business.

But gathering more comprehensive data rapidly from every possible source, analyzing it quickly, and using those findings to improve operating efficiencies and productivity, requires a lot of combined effort across the organization, and the right technology.

Mobile Apps allow organizations to:
  • Streamline Inspections - Speed reporting and increase accuracy
  • Improve Maintenance - Gather new information such as photos, audio, and GPS locations
  • Simplify Compliance - Ensure comprehensive reporting and collect digital signatures


Learn Practical Steps for a Digital Oil Field at Your Organization 

This white paper looks into the business and technical challenges that have held companies back, outlines why the case for moving to digital is so compelling, and offers practical advice for making a digital oil field a reality at your organization.

  • The reasons oil and gas companies have been slow to adopt digital technologies
  • A clear case and hard research on the value of going digital now
  • Initial steps you can take towards a digital oil field for your organization
  • Should you build or buy digital technologies - 8 critical criteria to consider
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