"The Digital Workplace is Key to Digital Innovation"

Report from MIT Sloan School of Management, Center for Information Systems Research

The Importance of Defining and Delivering a Great Employee Experience: The Digital Workplace

Traditionally run companies have a hard time figuring out how to create the best workplace to compete in the digital economy. That spells problems for them, because success in the digital economy “depends on transforming how work is done to create digital workplaces and improve employee experience,” concludes a recent paper in MIS Quarterly Executive by Kristine Dery and Ina Sebastian of the MIT Sloan School of Management Center for Information Systems Research, and Nick van der Meulen of the University of Amsterdam.

The paper, titled “The Digital Workplace is Key to Digital Innovation,” is a very deep dive into what needs to be done to transform the existing workplace into a digital workplace, including investing in employee connectedness and responsive leadership. 

For CIOs who are looking for the most important high-level takeaways, this report, with the latest data and the authors’ four recommendations for how to create success digital workplaces is well worth reading. The piece includes several in-depth, best practice case studies of companies that have transformed current workplaces into "digital workplaces" successfully.


Download: "The Digital Workplace is Key to Digital Innovation"

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