Help IT Meet Mobile App Demand

A Recipe for IT and Business Collaboration that Meets the Challenge

Help IT Meet Mobile App Demand - A Recipe for Success

Despite all the talk about mobile, significant roadblocks still exist for companies looking to mobilize their business processes.  Amid bullish technology reports, Gartner, Forrester and IDC have all released survey data that shows how companies are facing a massive bottleneck: they have hundreds of apps to build, yet have only gotten a few out the door. Needs are only growing and IT is strapped to meet demand.

This whitepaper shows how companies are innovating and embracing business users to meet the challenge by learning to build mobile apps. They're churning out powerful, data-driven business apps leveraging the business users they already have within their organizations, the experience and know-how of IT and the right technology tools.

You'll learn:

  • Predictions for how many business apps enterprises will need to build in the coming years
  • Practical examples of line of business domain experts building enterprise apps
  • What your organization must do to empower line of business employees to build apps
  • Important requirements that must be met for line of business development to be successful.

Learn how successful business and IT collaboration and the right technology can meet the mobile app demand:

Part 1: Exploding Demand for Mobile Apps and No One to Build Them

Part 2: An Interesting Analogy: Big Data and Business Analysts

Part 3: So What About Mobile App Development?

Part 4: Companies' Biggest Asset in the Mobile Age: Citizen Developers

Part 5: Ending the Mobile App Backlog

Part 6: Unchaining the Organization

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